5 Board games for every mood

Slowly but surely the weather begins to deteriorate. After a couple of months it’s cold, and then your life will burst with longing, which somehow will have to overcome. One of the surest ways is desktop games. Today a lot of them and they are all different — for every taste, any closure and any mood. Want something bad? Please! Want to find out all the dirty fantasies of a friend? This game is on our roster there! Autumn 2016 is a great time for Board games.

Itself dark

Being a detective is like to be an astronaut in a world of crime, Vice, Blues and murders. At least, such an atmosphere is born in any film Noir. The aesthetics of this genre of roots sticking to my literature, then goes to the cinema, computer games, and finally games. If we talk about the past, you should pay attention to the game «Noir» (NOIR: Deductive Mystery Game) that teaches you to use the brain, charisma and cunning — is a detective, and the detective all good. There are six game modes. They depend on the complexity and number of players. The task is clear and straightforward — to find the killer to prevent new victims. But not so easy to see the connection between the clues and the suspects, who all will put spokes in the wheels of justice.

Itself pixel

At some point, pixels from the grave of 90’s and again took over the world. Today released a bunch of pixelated computer games. And do it not only for reasons of cheapness of development, but also for fun.


There is also the pixel music (8-bit is called) and pixel art. So that the output of Board games similar aesthetics was not far off. And we think that the most qualitative and famous game in this field is referred to as Pixel Tactics. It is not necessary to build anything, grow, sell and develop. In it you fight Aki Pushkin vs. Dantes, only against his friend and with the help of maps, dipped in the lake 8-bit graphics. Simple rules, endless possibilities of combinations and tactics, as well as fun gameplay.

The Frank


«I never» is a card game based on the famous alcoholic game that aims to bring together maximum people at the table. Revelation from strangers, friends and girlfriends is that you always want to hear. Imagine that a friend in the past was eating dry food from bowl your cat. The girl would never tell you like this if not the power game where everything has to be fair because every participant shares his secrets. The game is not for the faint of heart, requires courage and a strong stomach, but the result will be a party that will go smoothly in a wild night of revelations. If your company is full of good people, this night is unlikely to ever be forgotten.

Myself alcoholic

We recommend you to go with friends «the Golden Mile», which is a meaningful way crazy pub crawl, but looking out the window, we realized that the weather today is not the same to go on pubs. If you have a similar situation, then why not arrange alcator right at home?


The main thing is to find good friends to whom to be drunk not ashamed, but very fun, stock up on alcoholic provisions and, finally, to find a deck of cards «Allpole. City pub Crawl». Play this fun game, piano and positive. The point is that you pull a card from the deck and perform the actions described therein. If you performed the action, then pick up a bar yourself. The tasks themselves can feel your mobility, openness and endurance. «Allpole» goes well with a drink, a small circle of friends and autumn.

Best for parties


Codenames — this award-winning game is designed for a noisy and cheerful company. She is able to commit themselves to entertain up to eight people at a time, which is very beneficial for home parties. The game is new, trendy and interesting. However, she like no — fucking is very different from pop «Aktiviti», «Crocodile» and «Elias». You do that and you’ll understand.


Codenames are convenient because the first batch can be played quickly — in about 30 minutes. To delve into the rules generally not need — there are only 2 pages, they are clear and friendly to the newbie. The game command is very handy when you invite some introvert in their company, and he only does that silent. The aim of the game is to guess the word your team through the tips of the captain of the team that defines the word that unites one to eight cards — you must guess. The word itself selects the captain — they take turns getting each player that gives you the opportunity to experience the full spectrum of enjoyment from the game. Nobody likes a game where the captain always remains one and the same person.