5 best places to celebrate New year

If you celebrate another Happy New Year in company with «Irony» and Olivier smiles you don’t, it’s time to discover the festive spirit in the more remote areas and alien. European village, East night clubs, Indian villages and landscapes of the African Prairie — all this is a must see in the night of 1 January. I hope you all year worked hard and amassed a fortune that you can safely spend on a decent holiday.

1. England

The atmosphere of the British New year has become a model for the world: furry Christmas tree, lots of gifts and lots of fun — just some of the components for a holiday in the English countryside. By the way, there’s a lot, but we found the English and the best on the island. Heart (Haworth) in West Yorkshire looks like it is sketched the image of the magical village author JK Rowling. Moreover, there is a Museum of the Bronte sisters, famous writers who wrote here his most popular novels. Really inspiring local two-storey houses, paved roads and an absolute atmosphere of the 19th century.

On holiday here is better to come in order to spend it among the merry, merry Englishmen in one of the many pubs, and then go on a snowy street and shout «Happy New Year!».The pubs here are really the most authentic on all the Foggy Albion — a variety of Beers and unusual design make the plunge into the days when the word of the Queen was law, and the Catholic Church — its undeniable palm. Really is a magical village, which is worth a visit, especially in the New year.

Where to book: if you live there, in the same fabulous hotel, as the whole village. Among these: Wilsons of Haworth, Ponden Hall Bed & Breakfast and the Old Silent Inn.

2. UAE

Those who are going to the United Arab Emirates, rely only on the beautiful beaches and luxury types. Undoubtedly, Dubai is a large variety of cool hotels and places near the sea, but also culturally to relax there is also quite real. For example, one of the local attractions — Jumeirah mosque in the city centre, accessible even to non-Muslims. Built of pink Sandstone in 1979, it combines tradition and innovative ideas.

If you vitally need to feel the spirit of the Bazaar, go to Karama. This market is famous for its high quality products cheap — you can buy a bag or «ancient dagger that are indistinguishable from the originals. By the way, for fans of exotic food here also has its place: organic Ripe market in Zabeel Park and the oldest spice market, which unfortunately is dying due to the influx of supermarkets.

Throughout January, Dubai hosts one of the largest sales in the world — you can grab something at the local shops with a good discount. Well, to relax and free, just visit a simulated desert oasis — beach Park Jumeirah with a bunch of lawns or the al Mamzar Park with blue coast. To celebrate the New year in the company of friendly sheikhs and well-fed camels — what could be better?

Where to book: the «Karlson Tourism» offers 30 Dec hotel One & Only The Palm (10 nights, the rest of the week) and Hilton Ras Al Khaimah 31 — Madinat Jumeirah, and January 1 and 2 — Atlantis The Palm & Waldorf Astoria Ras Al Khaimah respectively. Christmas discounts attached!

3. Peru

If excessive luxury «hurts the eyes», you should think about the Amazonian forests and villages in Trujillo. If she lives somewhere still the independent spirit of Peru, is here in the North of the country, in the heart of the city on Plaza de Armas stands proudly the statue of Liberty. Founded in 1534, the cradle of the conquistadors gave rise to Francisco Pizarro — conqueror of the Incas and warmed Simon Bolivar, national hero-liberator.

But we are interested in what you can touch and photograph them? In addition zheltokamenka Cathedral and many museums, here in the literal sense, you can touch the history: in the vicinity of the town are the ruins of the ancient Chimu Empire of Chan Chan (there are real excavations), unique pyramids, a magnificent temple-fortress Tshudi, the temple of the Rainbow and numerous places of worship.

But the real gem here is the archaeological complex El Brujo, created in the third Millennium BC. Its territory is well-preserved pyramid, Beaches, temples, remains of an ancient irrigation system, sculptures of pagan gods and rock paintings. However, lovers of active holidays will also do in a couple of hours drive to Huanchaco, where surfers of the entire planet. Christmas in Trujillo truly magical: the Catholic population celebrates the holiday by cooking a Turkey or sweet bread with dried fruits, and then organize a charity dinner for the poor and orphans.

Where to book: for a romantic Hotel Libertador Trujillo, for your family, Wyndham Costa Del Sol Trujillo, and for fans of pomp — Casa Andina Private Collection Trujillo.

4. Thailand

Thailand is already a decade out of the top of countries, compulsory for any tourist. Ideal climatic conditions, a variety of places for excursions, recreation and entertainment, but also compromise opportunities to the budget has made this country very popular. Here is really a lot of fun for people of different taste, especially in Bangkok and Pattaya.

If you are one of those who are looking for sacred inspiration, then you direct path to the local Buddhist monasteries — there is no place for the present, just being surrounded by peace and tranquility. To relax the body will help massage: Thai technique is famous all over the world — many come here to distant lands just for a single session. But culinary masterpieces Thais can deter the habit — you are unlikely to find a native speaker of dumplings, but to try something new is worth it.

Want open air? Go to one of the hundreds of beaches: from crowded to cozy and quiet on the small Islands. Water is warm even in December and January, and the sun will stay in shorts and t-shirt. There is freedom for those who like to «make some noise and frolic». Calling card Thailand: shemales show, which is very easy to find, if you’re interested in shows of this type. Discos and parties every night lit up like day, and daily impromptu street musicians and magicians will not get bored. And, of course, diving, fishing and surfing — where without it in a tropical country?

Where to book: the Agency Kupon Delux book your stay at Siam Bayshore Resort 4* The Kee Resort & Spa 4* Sunset Park Resort & Spa 4* and Centara Grand Mirage Beach Resort Pattaya 5*.

5. Congo

Recently in a popular magazine National Geographic published an article about the revival of the oldest national Park of Africa — a spectacular and unique Virunga. The main character here was a new Director On de Merod — a French aristocrat who was able to control the local rebels and to rid the preserve from corruption. Now this is a real Paradise in the North rise the mountains with snowy peaks to the South, a lava plateau in the center of the lake and plains. In addition, you can see a typical savanna and bamboo thickets, in which kings live mountain gorilla — the real stars of the Park.

Because of poaching, they’re nearly extinct, but now everything was adjusted — the monkeys is guarded by the personal guard de Merodach. Alas, so far, the state reserve difficult to assess: were all the fauna and flora of Africa, however, due to the civil war, much was lost. However, to be afraid of now there is no cost — take place in a regular manner.

There was a case when one of the workers on the way home was abducted failed the bandits, but their leader, fearing forced the wards to let him go, saying: «If Merod know, it takes us from everywhere». True story, so if you’re in Virunga, brave shake the Frenchman’s hand — he often goes to the local visitors.Where to book: the Park is very large, but it is better to enter it with Bukvami/Bukavu (although close can cross the border from Uganda at your own risk). The best place is the garden of the orchids Safari Club and Hotel Panorama.

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