5 best places for surfing

Dude, I love surfing? I don’t mean aimless wandering on the Internet hits the latest news, blogs of some people unknown to you and photos of hot Chicks you know from what sites. I mean real surfing: sea, sun, toes, beach, salty air and huge waves.

Say you don’t? But it does not matter, here’s a compilation of the five best places to learn surfing.

1. Byron Bay, Australia (Byron Bay, Australia)


Gorgeous place for beginners and professionals. The weather is warm, the wind is gentle waves of different height, everything your heart desires. Only to fly to Australia is very far away and unpleasant.


2. Kuta, Bali (Kuta, Bali) is one of the cheapest places for surfing: renting everything, booze, and beaches — all available and cheap (in comparison, each, of course). But there is a small minus in the face of extremely tiring flight with all the changes. There are also fatter minus: the large number of strong underwater currents that can easily drag a beginner to feed the fish.

3. Waikiki, Oahu, Hawaii (hi) — the birthplace of surfing, the waves all year round, warm and good, dude. Surf schools is a lot to learn is easy. Of the cons: flight is long and boring and jet lag can hit you any desire to learn.

4. Lagos, Portugal (Portugal, Lagos) is one of the most magnificent places in Europe. To fly from Moscow just a few hours, the waves almost perfect, jet lag is negligible and almost not noticeable. But the disadvantages exist: sometimes in summer it gets chilly, and the wind virtually disappears.

5. Taghazoute, Morocco (Morocco) — a huge range of prices, many schools of surfing, and if you come in the fall and spring — then all will be good: conditions at this time of year is almost perfect. Cons… the Culture is somewhat different, and sometimes the waves are high

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