5 best innovations of mobile transport

It is not easy to move around the city on their two, even harder to do it on your own machine. Problems with the transport network in Russia a lot, but ordinary citizens such as we, are concerned about very specific things: crowded buses, the high cost of travel, the price of gasoline, the traffic is horrible on the roads. Sometimes it seems that buying the car gives you more problems than it makes life easier, and in urban areas much easier to use the new mobile transport. What? Now tell and show and explain with an example of new products.

1. ElectroTown R2


ElectroTown R2 is a foldable electric bike that will serve you well if you need a vehicle to move around town or in parks. In this model, futuristic design, like it’s made out of debris form the storm troopers of the Empire — fans of THIS will like it. It’s easy to put in the trunk, and it is not needed. While ElectroTown R2 gives excellent speed, the maximum value of which is 25 km/h Runs on battery Samsung 48 B to charge up, you have some 3-4 hours, and then you can drive on a single charge up to 40 kilometers. A practical solution for a person who is tired of spending half your life in traffic jams.

2. ElectroTown E2


The modern electric skateboard, which has just launched a mobile transport. Its main feature is the weight, namely 6.2 kilograms. It’s damn small, so small that ElectroTown E2 with full confidence can be called the lightest electroseparation in the world, at least for today. In this capacity enough to carry on a Mature and even well-fed person (maximum load 90 kg). On a single charge you can travel up to 30 kilometers, and you can accelerate to 25 km/h. In General we obtain a convenient means of transportation, the battery is charged for 4 hours, and when it is depleted you can go the traditional way or, if it is absolutely lazy, fold down the scooter and go to transport thanks to low weight to make it easy.

3. ElectroTown F1 Plus


Most affordable minisha. Weighs only 13.5 kg, it has a good maneuverability and stability more than various gyrometers. The handle of the Segway is adjustable to suit the height of the rider. However, this growth was not, the handle will be exactly at the height that will be needed. You can use model with 8 — or 10-inch wheels, the latter have high traffic. When it comes to uneven roads, the permeability becomes an important component of any vehicle. You can ski at night: an led backlight, which is located behind, will not leave you unnoticed. If to speak about technical characteristics, they are as follows: maximum speed of 15 km/h; max distance is 20 km; maximum load — 120 kg; recharge time — 3 hours.

4. ElectroTown X2


ElectroTown X2 — full Segway, which allows you to ride on the inhospitable road surface, including primer, sand and even snow. In fact, this particular Segway can be called the most reliable and passable in its class. On a single charge ElectroTown X2 easily can travel up to 40 kilometers. Ideal for parks and countryside recreation, even the Hong Kong police are on patrol of the city it is this model — I think that their opinion is worth something. Wheel diameter is 19 inches, maximum speed — 25 km/h maximum angle of elevation is 35 degrees. The control itself does not cause trouble, as the design is developed with knowledge of the matter.

5. Smart balance wheel


Finally we reached gyrometer. Wheel Smart balance — new model that launched production on the border of 2015 and 2016. He has unusually large wheels (10 inches), which increase the permeability. It makes it easy to go on tile and pavement irregularities. The model comes in various colours and chic graphic design, so you can choose the color to suit your mood and temperament. Of course, there are Bluetooth speakers that gives you the ability to play music through your smartphone while riding. The angle of elevation is 20 degrees, and the speed reaches 12-15 km/h. Charging gyrometer fast, in just 1-2 hours, and the charge will last for 15-20 km.

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