5 basic movements that everyone should know man

In humans, there are a number of initial movements that he learned in the wild world of saber-toothed tigers and mammoths. Those moves you never learned in physical education classes, they don’t teach in the gym and they will tell you all sorts of fitness instructors. They are simple, but necessary, when happens something unexpected. There are only five, but each movement can be improved to the level of master Yoda. But we did, and considers sensible people, let’s start with the basics. Well, remember — these exercises will be the Foundation of your skills for survival.

1. Fall without fear


When you’re afraid to fall, you allow the body to «off». Immediately there arises a fear of taking any risks. Many of us are afraid of falling, because our parents when something was overlooked and we ended up falling on the fifth point, absorbed by a new phobia. Most of us never know how to fall correctly. Today is a great day to learn to do it. When you know how to fall controlled, you’ll be much more confident in the movements. Knowledge and practice of proper falling makes us stronger.

To get rid of fear of failure (it’s also a kind of fall) just start to fall during the warm-up. Do it sitting or half-sitting. It is best to start with soft surfaces — spread a Mat, or find a grassy place. In the end, you can practice a controlled fall of more complex surfaces. The top skill is a sharp drop while you are doing other movements. We need this in order so you could learn to fall and stand up in any situation.

2. Obstacle: something that you have to overcome


Obstacle and interference is not likely — it is inevitable. Sooner or later you will be a fence, a log, or barbed wire, and all these obstacles must be overcome. You can always find a workaround, but if you don’t have that luxury? For example, in the case of the chase or the moment when you need to help someone. In such situations, the most direct way is fast. At times, the ability to overcome obstacles is equivalent to choosing life instead of death.

The primary method for overcoming small obstacles is a common jumping. Once you master this simple movement, you can find opportunities to bridge the higher and more difficult obstacles.

3. Direct kick: a simple and ruthless


All men should know how to make a direct hit. This is the main application start with Boxing training. Direct hit is good because it keeps distance between you and opponent, and can damage the eyes of the attacker to completely disarm. A direct strike is the longest strike range in the upper part of the body. And this is the easiest impact to understand it easily.

When you learn this basic stroke, you can teach other hooks, crosses, uppercuts. And remember the words of Bruce Lee: «I fear not the man who has practiced 10 thousand kicks once. I fear the man who practiced one kick 10 thousand times.»

4. True grit


«Pull yourself together» — I’m telling you people, when you include the mode of anger and violence. But do you know how to do it? The day will come when you will literally have to pull myself together. Are you strong enough for this?

We never know when we need strong grip. But usually it’s some extreme situation. For example, you need to escape from a burning building or climb a tree to rescue an older cat or to save someone who clings to the ledge of the building. In a movie full of such moments. And we terribly that you simply will not work due to the fact that you don’t know how much to squeeze things.

Strong, powerful grip makes us better fighters. If we fight with someone, then grasp can determine the outcome of the battle. And even the first impression depends on the grip — remember handshake. If it is sluggish, suffering and powerless, then you will not be taken seriously.

Grip training is a simple method — you just need to hang on to the turnstile. We recommend you to hang this on the door of the room and hang on it for 20-30 seconds every time you walk through the door. In the end, you can turn to change hands. If you can hang on one hand for 90 seconds and then immediately switch to your other hand, then it is good.

5. Mastery of breath: stay calm at the most critical moment

Never noticed that when nervous or upset, your breathing becomes heavy and somehow «inconvenient»? If breathing is shallow and fast, you can easily get rid of feelings of control, and with it peace. So, the advantage of deep breathing obvious — the deeper we breathe the more body understands who controls it.

Breathing you can practice continuously. We recommend you to use the rest periods between exercises to practice breathing. This will not only make you more relaxed and confident, but will also contribute to more rapid relaxation. Deep breaths will help to saturate the blood with oxygen, causing the muscle to recover fast.

The five movements that we described above can be practiced comprehensively. It looks like this:

— Controlled fall to 10 repetitions on each side;

— Jumping to 10 repetitions on each side;

— Straight punch (jab) — 25 reps with each hand;

— Hovering — 60 seconds;

— Deep belly breathing — 2-3 minutes.

When you realize that you are all very easy, you start to complicate the exercise.

According to the materials of Jonathan Mead

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