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Not so long ago, the bags the man was a symptom of the lower class, and even talked about the fact that a man with a duffel over his shoulder — a beggar, a tramp, is willing do not hesitate to reach out for charity. Today, the presence of bag does not mean that the person in front of you owns a luxury apartment and red Ferrari, but if this bag is still just highlights the brutal masculine spirit, its owner automatically increase the chance of hitting your favorite female and take her with him. Perhaps even in the bag.Autumn came clearly requires changes in appearance, including accessories, namely, handbags together with summer sneakers on the shelf is time to remove the easy options of fabric and start to look at for autumn leather. These bags are not afraid of frequent rains, and the smell makes you plunge into the world of neat black suits and serious business meetings. Not that in the wording manygoodtips.com reigns this situation, but if we had these bags…

1 Groningen Black


Despite the fact that the Dutch Groningen — campus, copy from Ray Button looks not as an example of youthful maximalism. «Thoroughly», «fundamentally», «securely» — with these words it was like finding an impersonation, and then put up for sale at a reasonable price. And since the bag is designed not for the Sunny weather, then you will be pleased to know that invented and tested it in Moscow — one of the most rainy cities of Russia. Metal hardware, reinforced mounting handles and belt and padded lining will protect your Luggage even in extreme environment — the rush hour in the Moscow metro. And be sure that fits into the laptop and lots of folders: there is a secret place for mobile and keys, and for favorite books.

Piquadro 2


But if domestic manufacturers are not your type, and importance and power scare you off, then surely the Italian masters will find the way to your delicate ego. For example, in the form of turquoise edging, which looks more like the face of a intelligent cat with a monocle on one of the handbags in online store Grandisconti, which offers a fairly wide range. Knowing what will have to face the ultimate owner of their bags, the Italians decided to fully rely on the advantages of calf leather and delicate color of the sky complements the grey «skin». Exterior pockets are practically invisible, and the standard laptop fit like a glove, this bag knows how to seduce and makes any lady pleasant feelings.3 Dor.Thrower

Pora was.kom.ua_3.10.2016_HXXcEHVIkS9fz

Someone is afraid of stereotypes, and someone takes them on Board, and the Germans — a vivid example. Perhaps the only formula that can compete with the elegance and minimalism — a symbiosis of rationality and staffing. The rigid approach with which the people of Germany are even ohmureniya the weaker sex, in the case of bags has resulted in such a serious instance of the guard of the goods «the Moscow Pelleterie». For those who like to «sort through», here is something to make money: with the incredible number of pockets and openings, this bag manages to look like it can take almost to the edge of the world and not regret it. Nice feature: the handle here climb inside, so that if desired the bag can turn into a real «brick», which you can use to fight the bully in the bar, and mouse in the forest.

4 Person


«What if I don’t need to carry a laptop, folders, and other super-duper important documents?» — just notice you. Don’t need to. And who’s forcing you? Anyway, time for the usual trip to the cinema or a pocket that is slightly larger than that on your jeans. And sophisticated bag from the domestic producer Apache with the loud name «Personality», which hit the shelves of the online store «Pei», copes. Moreover, pockets there are not less than the previous German version. I agree, mix in a bunch of gadget, keys and cigarettes… a true personality is useless.5 Havana


To complete our list lacks only one thing: something wild and untamed. Something that will fit a true adventurer, ready to go right now towards the lost cities of the Sahara or the Amazon. Something that will accommodate a modern laptop, and an ancient skull from the tomb. Something that will look perfect with a marching suit and endures all the vicissitudes of the weather. We have checked: all indicators went bag Havana from the store Zinziv, as though he was hanging on the shoulder of Indiana Jones or Nathan Drake, and now you can decorate your beefy collarbone. Exterior pockets very handy close to the magnetic button — no need to bother once again, fighting off the natives and pushing the treasure map in the bag. A nice design and low price attracted not worse than the beauty of the Brazilian village that once managed to steal your heart.

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