5 backpacks for all occasions

Oh, life is unfair: with the first class to us on the back put a huge portfolio full of a bunch of books, and then the time comes and backpacks are changed to bags. The latter course generally ends with one battered notebook tucked behind the belt. And only some adult men decide to strap on a backpack. Why even in our time it is believed that the backpacks are a lot of students and tourists. Stupid people do not understand that it is the most comfortable thing in the world — hands free, no curvature of the spine to one side because of the heavy Luggage, and if the backpack is good, and back pain will not visit.

For many avid «roksalana» select shoulder companion — almost a Holy cause. This is how to choose a Jedi sword or a winged ikran: a backpack is the personification of ourselves, and its purchase should be treated with care given the already mentioned problem of scoliosis. No matter for whom and what you take a backpack — we can help with the choice!

1. Backpack 8848


This brand is known by everyone, who ever was going to travel. «8848» has long been synonymous with quality and deservedly takes pride of a prize-winning place among the world’s range of backpacks.

In Russia, they are easier and cheaper to buy in Streetbags, which presents not only the mentioned line, but other titles. The choice is very large, so it is advised that one won’t even. Children, adults, derivatives — they differ primarily in capacity and durability, as well as water-resistant and breathable anatomic back. In addition, most of the backpacks «8848» are famous for a lot of internal compartments and durable lining fabric.The child will say «thank you», comrade gratefully shake hands. By the way, Streetbags offer delivery throughout Russia and loyal customers give big discounts. It is worth considering their prices, which are set without intermediaries, and 10 years of experience in the market.

2. SwissWin


Full compromise as for office workers, who do not want to wear uncomfortable bags and heavy diplomats, and for the serious students of fiveness. If you look at it comes only one thought: «God, Yes this is the most stylish and brutal organizer I’ve seen!». Our editors have compiled the top things that would fit there, but on the seventh hour Word ceased to create new pages. Here’s the light version: a laptop, a tablet, a thick stack of documents, a few books (even «anatomy for the first course»), smartphone, cards, money, two trunk, cat, galaxy, and even a shopping list your wife.

And so you do not worry that the backpack will not stand the onslaught of things — material and hardware is very durable. However, if you are not satisfied, Rukzak’Off there are options and money: with space prints, protagonists of the series «South Park» and other colors for every taste.

3. Grizzly


Before you, a true urban backpack worth of wear, for example, snake from MGS or faith from mirror’s Edge. The minimum details, high capacity — for the second indicator, it will not yield the aforementioned colleague. Overall, a great (and budget) option for a fashion student that honors street style. Of benefits are almost the same indicators, plus reinforced back and straps and a bunch newstopic pockets, lapel tie-clip and even a key ring. The polyester material does not wrinkle and is extremely durable, and at the same time is easily washable and dries quickly after washing.

This is a collection of 2017, which can be check out in Moscow the Internet shop Grizzlyshop, where in addition to backpacks, there are backpacks, bags and suitcases. They deliver the goods across Russia for 20 years and able to satisfy even the most pretentious tastes.

4. Jack Hiker


In the last five years the city is literally filled backpacks this rural» type. Hipster in General. They have a minimum organisera functions, they will not come to serious meeting, but they are pretty darn attractive. If you have a love of rural landscapes and fantasy or you just the most hipster — we have to remember that this instance is created from durable waxed canvas and genuine leather, which if you wear will only add backpack need the retro look. Adding to a bunch of stuff and can not be afraid that the bottom will not stand, and don’t worry about saving — the main Department of the durable zipper and not a rope knot or weak rivets.

If you want to find something in the same spirit, on Franklin-Shop full of nice cuts and styles at a very affordable price. By the way, here produce delivery not only in Russia but also abroad.

5. Incognito


Globalization — a thing certainly good, but it is nice when you gets a thing, it is created by a living person. Usually the sizes of things from the category of handmade does not exceed the size of the bandage, toy or photo album.

But Vladimir, Vera, and Incognito decided that backpacks are still useful and began to make them to the delight of lovers of handmade things, putting the soul and years of experience. Take, for example, any sample of natural cowhide and Italian brass fittings. It does not feel the artificiality — every detail had been in a warm arms, every inch of skin processed manually.Here you can not only choose a backpack of the examples available, but to order your own unique design that no one else will. For this is not a pity any money — the opportunity to own a backpack devised personally by you, outweighs any budget amounts.

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