5 arguments in favor of sex in hotel

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Who wouldn’t want to have sex in a hotel? Some may argue that sex in your own bed is better, but no one can deny that sex in the hotel has something of a liberation. Sex in the hotel are good for different reasons, but here are the best 5 reasons why you should try it.

1. The new atmosphere

If your girl is not a professional, this is a new place for both of you. In addition, it’s kind of obvious why you’re both there.

2. You can make a mess

To go crazy. Reset the mattress on the floor, to arrange a party right in bed, because you still will not have anything to remove.

3. It is possible to shout loudly

No worries in the morning about standing in front of the door of neighbors after a high-profile role-playing games. The hotel, of course, also possible to face someone in the morning… but who cares?

4. You can be an exhibitionist

Leave the curtains open. Have sex on the balcony, the people below gather to watch. Enjoy!

5. She could be a prostitute

Let’s face it, having sex with a girl who knows what she is doing and will do anything, always a pleasure. If you’re in a hotel room, you can always call in «service», right? No matter what, you still got fond memories of his last sex with a prostitute, it was great? You have to admit. It was great.

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