5 apps that will make your life easier #5

Today you’ll get another miracle domestic developments, which will make your life brighter and most importantly – a lot easier. After all, mobile apps serve one purpose – to automate the process, replace a boring person on an exciting program. We already in the future, friend. Today we offer you five great apps for tablets and smartphones, which will help you in the most different spheres of life. They work great!

1. Wlingua

To know a foreign language – the skill of godly and useful life, especially if that second language is English. It tells the whole world, historically. Want to chat with German, French, Arab and Italian – teach English, will not lose. Much more productive than to bother all the world’s languages. And that the training was effective use the Wlingua app that will open up access to quality online courses. We are talking about more than 600 lessons developed by a team of professional teachers who know a lot about the language spoken by the first man landed on the moon.

If you are a beginner, we recommend you choose the course «English language» – a great option for those who just want to start to learn the basics of the alien but lovely language. You can learn at your own pace to rush you no one will, and your initial level does not affect the training. The result is you’re still going to understand, speak, read and write English better than before. There is also an advanced course called «Advanced English». But if you love the bullfight, salsa and the history of the conquistadors, you can try yourself in Spanish. Training on it is. After registration, you get seven days of premium access as a gift. Thus, you get access to all course materials. After seven days of use, the account becomes a basic is free, with access to only basic materials. If you want to get a premium membership, you pay it separately, nothing complicated. And so, after graduation, receive diplomas. Even if they do not have legal force, but it’s still nice, the portfolio can be put.


2. Zigzag Mobile

A totally free application, which helps to save time and even money.

Remember the shopping. Often we leave the house to buy some thing at a discount or promotion, but arriving at the store, understand that no discounts there, and then we go home, or to fork up seriously overpaying. «Zigzag» helps to cope with this problem. This app is a mobile tool that sends you only the relevant information about what is happening in the part of shopping in your town. Appeared discount in a clothing store you wanted to buy ponchos? This you will find out immediately as it will appear there. And no need to fuss, go shopping, spend half a day on something you don’t like. Better get some rest, let all this work will do for you «Zigzag»!

The application itself is insanely easy, so your smartphone won’t be blunt to hurl. Just load the program, specify the region and city and forward useful messages. For viewing of news about new proposals, among other things, the bonuses that can be transferred to the account of the phone – a nice plus for the use of the application, and so full of good.


3. Tickets SDA 2016 AB/CD

Everyone knows that the ability to drive a car is one of those qualities that are strongly associated with a man. Besides the car, even in the city, a congested, sooner or later you’re going to need. So, buddy, you got behind the wheel!

But to get the right fit, first and foremost, theoretical knowledge, and here we recommend diligence in their study. To know traffic rules you are obliged to, as the name of his mother, it will protect you from the cops, fines and other traffic troubles. With the help of the program «traffic Tickets 2016 AB/CD» you can get access to the official ticket traffic police by category by AB/CD. All tickets are valid for 2016. Also, you get the text of the Rules of the road description of road signs and road markings. There is additional information that will help anyone who is going to pass on the right this year: the process of vehicle registration, insurance, inspection, rules of car care, action in case of an accident, driving ethics, the rules permit the vehicle to operate, fines, codes of Russian regions.

Tickets, in turn, can be studied not only by numbers but also by topic. Also there is a new exam mode, which comes into force from September 1, 2016 (5 additional matters for error). In General, a very useful app, and free, so download and feel free to use it.


4. Hunger

Sounds ominous, but don’t worry, this app helps to overcome hunger, not provoke it. Important for Moscow, but we hope that the «Hunger» will certainly root in the regions.

The creators of this service had destroyed all the clichés that are inherent in the delivery of food. They make food healthy, restaurant style, how wonderful to madness, while delivering it, just imagine, in just 8 minutes! If so, then «Hunger» can be considered the fastest shipping this side of the universe. The idea of the creators was fabulously simple: he wanted to have, ordered, food on the table, a happy ending. Faster than fast food. This food is a complete lunch, hot and fresh, you don’t even need to be warmed up in the microwave is not stale fast food.

Regarding food? Every day they change, but always two, which allows to reduce the delivery time. The courier can be seen on the map, and tip and change it you will not require just to pay for the order and no more. In General, there is always the opportunity to try the service for free. The «Hunger» brilliant marketers, they give away promotional codes for 1 free portion. That is, you can now order food without paying and the ruble. Enter promo code «Alex» and enjoy the food (the offer is valid until may 30).


5. Periodicals

an iOS app that allows you to stop time, to preserve the bright moments that will remain in memory forever. Created by a group of mobile photography enthusiasts who just wanted to print photos of high class.

In fact, the Periodicalsis of your own mini-publishing house, which helps you to create photo books, cards and just pictures. You just do the kosher, upload it to the app, choose a layout that is close to the heart, and send the order to the printers. No more effort is not necessary, all prints will do their best and competently. The order goes directly from your phone, you can also download the image from your camera roll. Photo books are printed on first-class printing equipment which involves the use of eco-friendly paper and allows to obtain the highest image quality in single runs. To cover using designer paper with embossed «Shell» with a density of 324 g/m2.

Thus, you are guaranteed impeccable quality. And this is important when it comes to events that you want to keep using mental pictures. Everything else, a photo book is a great present for the girlfriends birthday or some other holiday.