5 apps that will make your life easier #4

And here a new portion megaudobnaya, tested and really useful applications. We believe that every progressive guy who appreciates time and comfort should be a scattering of useful applications on the smartphone. And to doubt that they will come to the rescue, is not necessary, unlike the people you call friends. So I advise you not to lose time, but rather abercromie download these apps on their collected in the Chinese dungeons smartphones.

1. Balance BY Pro

In order not to be bare-ass naked, an empty wallet and a broken psyche, it is necessary to keep everything under control, especially the money, because for many it is the cornerstone of happiness, which is very quickly consumed. So they need to pay special attention. With such intentions, and was created very useful on the farm app Balance BY Pro, which will let you automatically, without unnecessary movements and efforts to control costs. Although we understand that all your balances for you, and so keep under control, but your girlfriend, mother and grandmother often these «little things» do not notice. But with this app to keep track of their finances a hundred times easier, that is, the whole family under control. Various widgets and notifications that come when the expense of a critical threshold, will be most welcome.

The number of services that are available for automatic verification, is growing: from mobile operators, such as «MTS», «Beeline» to transport «Aeroflot bonus» «RZD Bonus» and things like «Weather, Gismeteo» Mosenergo «Eldorado».

The program looks arciprete and megacampaign, but perfectionism developers does not allow them to be content with little, and therefore, the program is actively developing. For example, it is planned the possibility of payment through the app. For Apple fans soon, they will sync between devices iOS version.


2. Univer – class schedule

Hundreds of thousands of students of our vast country, quite rightly, consider this app the best service to display the schedule. For students whose lives are painted in accordance with the schedule of classes, the thing arkhipovka: way of forgetting something and missing out on something, not how hard you try. What is the advantage program? In an incredibly convenient widget schedule: the marking of types of pairs, the week numbers, calendars, schedules, teachers, view the details couples.

Many classifications already available in the application from universities and students: just go, enter the school/faculty/group and not waste time on unnecessary movement. Just go to the app, poking a couple of fingers – and you know what pairs you can skip the following week, which was canceled and how many weeks you can sleep for the first couple.

But sometimes it so happens that the student is not able to find the schedule of your group: it is always possible to add a schedule for 10-15 minutes using the free online editor.

Background images delight the eye and provoke a good mood. How-not spring, and despite the fact that the air smells of the session, the mood is still joyous.

By the way, about upcoming changes. Will soon be the public task, and if you’re a normal student, you will be able to share the task with the whole group.



Spring and summer are two seasons when a person starts a riot of wild ideas and unbridled desire to organize and have fun. Unfortunately, you can’t always find accomplices, difficult to assemble a band to play football or to arrange a ride. Fortunately, for such an active and progressive dudes created the app WITHME. The principle is simple, as the paper is: create app in their event, set a time, place, and write tricky and watch how is growing exponentially, the number of such young, daring and active participants of your event.

Similarly, you can join an already scheduled event. Just come in which has become a favorite app, pick a category, find an event, sign – and forward, towards the new communication and elegant leisure.


4. Radar Detector M

Remember crocodiles are similar to radar detectors in the car your dad? Those who, hearing in the distance the COP started screaming hysterically beeping like R2D2 before an attack of epilepsy. Now everything is much easier. First, he’s not shrieking scream of agonizing work, and secondly, it will not have to buy bulky contraption now fit in the rectangular frame of the phone and froze the app format. It is enough to establish «Radar detector G», and no speed camera, the lines and stop lines will not interrupt your path, and at the same time will display all the cameras on the map during their movement. A very useful thing, especially for those who do not like to pay fines, and the dashing drivers. So rather install the app on your Iphone (alas, but on Android it does not apply) – and forward and on the pavement.


5. WordDive

Language learning needs a reliable and loyal assistant. App WorldDive probably the best language app capable of even the most stubborn to call the credibility of online resources. This application optimizes speed of learning and educational material for each user individually. What’s his secret? In simple and unsophisticated permanent memorization, which, as it turned out, learns languages much better than school Tutors.

WordDive is based on three levels of learning: language (language unit you are studying), known (language units, the study that you have given the right answer during the last session, but which have not yet remembered), persistent (language unit that you use without thinking). Having experienced all three stages, you’ll feel in English, Estonian, Spanish, French and other languages like a fish in water. But to choose a short free course or more detailed paid – to decide, with an eye on the wallet and the need for linguistics.


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