5 apps that will be useful to everyone

Your smartphone is your friend, it is time to understand. Companies and independent developers create excellent applications for them. And the competition and struggle for each user makes the program more functional, convenient and useful. We have made an excellent compilation of such apps, that will help you in many situations.

1. Calendar recipes

«Potatoes, dumplings and soup don’t seem as tasty as before? Pasta and buckwheat kind of a Downer? Only today you have unique chance to…». So would we have to talk about this app, if we’ve been invited on TV. If you think about it, the monotonous food is boring. What should the average man in the first place? That’s right — eat. Better yet, if this is something new, prepared independently. That’s the only time we have neither the time nor the desire to Tinker with the Assembly of your diet. And here we come to the aid of smart Calendar «recipes».

What can the app? The most important thing is to make a menu plan for a week, step-by-step recipes for dishes and a shopping list. All you can do is to prepare. Unable to shift this task on his girlfriend, but we would advise you to improve your culinary skills. Especially now that it will be easy. The application has dozens of different plans menus and thousands of recipes with varying complexity, style and usefulness. So, you not only eliminate the need to think about all this, but can also offer Wellness plans or plans for weight loss. If you’re not satisfied with the menu you can substitute it for another dish. In addition, there is the opportunity to share my recipes and plan the menu according to the number of people. The menu can be sorted by tags, for example, «quick», «simple» or «for men» is what you need when there is no time or you are new to cooking.


2. Peers TV

To say there is not about television, but many continue to watch it. Someone out of habit, and some like it more than the yaw on the network. And not surprisingly, it has now become possible to watch any channel from anywhere in the world. The approach is based on the IPTV technology — in simple terms, the delivery of digital content directly to the recipient via the Internet. Not all the channels can be arranged such opportunity that is very foolish on their part. But those that are keeping pace with the times, combines application Peers TV.

Peers TV allows you to watch hundreds of shows, series and TV shows online. But what is most interesting, you can put the viewing on pause or view already ended the transmission. Available comfortable TV program, the ability to create custom playlists, and if you want, you can add the transfer to the personal archive, where it will be stored for 30 days. If something is missing, you can easily see the recording even a week ago — all transmissions are stored in Peers TV 7 days. And, of course, it is possible to display on the screen of your TV, if Smart TV, or via Apple TV or Chromecast directly from your phone.


3. Where’s the kebab?

Really, where? If you’re the same as we ask this question and are faced with the challenge of finding places where you can enjoy a wonderful kebab that captured the hearts and taste buds of hundreds of thousands of people, we know the answer. More precisely, it knows the app «Where kebab»». With it, you’ll be able to find Shawarma in the whole of Russia, read and add reviews for places, add to the list of institutions and get acquainted with reviews from trusted critics.

The app is available for Android, iOS, and there’s even a bot for Telegram! Very convenient to register with one click through the VC, and on a detailed map, you can see everything coming to your state agencies. But that’s not all — there’s an augmented reality mode! As they say, one Pikachu can not eat, so you can see all the places with kebab using my camera. Very convenient when not enough cards to find the place. The developers really made a unique product that will be useful to all who love to eat. And in the group Vkontakte you can find other fed up users and chat with the developers.


4. iG-Store

If you love technology, then you need to look in the iG shop-Store — there are many cool gadgets, electronics, robots, quadcopters and many other things that will not impress any geek. Besides, if you wanted to find a good gift for the New year to your friends, relatives or acquaintances that will be interesting and useful, here you can find almost anything. Starting from GPS-tracker for animals and robots and ending with smart appliances and electrobike.

Here you can find what is not there in many other stores — innovative and unique things that haven’t even gone on sale in Russia. And to learn about new products, read news and reviews for products in store, you can download a branded iG app-Store. It provides a convenient search and the possibility to quickly make a purchase. By the way, the iG-Store — is one of the few stores that does a very detailed and interesting product descriptions is what we need to make the right choice.


5. ini — Smart shopping list

Our memory is imperfect: we all the time that we forget, and why pencil and paper have become our faithful companions and helpers. But they too are not perfect records can be lost, paper may not be handy, but smartphones are always with us. And if you don’t have an eidetic memory, then you will definitely need the program «ini — Smart shopping list». All your lists, which can be countless, will be stored in the cloud so you can access them from any device. In this case, the application already built base ready lists for various tasks — such as shopping lists «in the kebabs», «school», «hospital», «camping». The database is constantly growing and supplemented by new lists. You can create new and edit existing. In addition, lists can be shared with other users and to organize joint purchases, which will be very convenient for family people and large companies.


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