5 amazing properties of your body

Pora was.com.ua_19.09.2014_nwcsOoc2OOlNuOur universe is full of mysteries, and you won’t have to look far to stumble upon them.

Some of the most complex mysteries of our daily lives are within our own bodies, so the sudden appearance of gray hair can be much more interesting than the study of black holes.

Fortunately, scientists are also bothered by these little everyday secrets, so they went in search of answers. As a result of their tireless work we can shed some light on some centuries-old mystery of humanity, such as…

1. Why recording your voice is always so nasty

When this happens to all of us… We will surely go through life thinking that our voice sounds like the essence of pure sex and charm, until one day some bastard pulls out a recorder and no records of your statements on tape. And here it is, the big surprise: while playing your magical voice sounds like something quite different, something that resembles a quintessential ass.

It sounds one tone higher, and your first instinct is to burn all electronics stores in the area that no one has ever heard of such horror.

The fact that your own voice we hear from within. When we speak or sing, the rib cage and the bones of the skull also sound in unison and transfer of the produced sound directly in the hearing. The other part of the sound enters the ears in a roundabout way, through the air. The mixture of the two sounds we hear differently than those who hear us. And tape recorded our voice is exactly what it sounds like to other people.

2. Why you look weird in photos

If there’s one thing more unsettling than the sound recording of your voice is the form of your face in the photos. Of course, you will be able to recognize this image: it’s all right, and that’s you, but you are not as familiar reflection in the mirror or on a darkened computer monitor, while loading RedTube.

The first reason is that in the mirror — mirror. Eyes, left becomes right, and Vice versa. The human face is not perfectly symmetrical. The right person is a little different from the left. Therefore, the right side reflection ( the actual left part ) does not look exactly like the original.

You can spend this experience: take your picture from the front, fold it vertically in half and hold up a mirror and reflect the other half. Here he is, vaguely like you, but not one that is familiar to your perception. Plus, maybe the person who took your picture, just hands grow from one place. On it and sleeping. As always.

3. Why do your fingers become «prunes» after a shower or bath

Perhaps in early childhood you thought your skin simply melts from the hot water, and is about to climb out of your pieces, starting from the fingertips. But later, having calmed down, you found something in common between this wrinkled pattern and tread pattern on a car wheel.

This similarity is no accident. Laboratory studies have confirmed the theory that shriveled fingers improves grip on wet surfaces, so you can firmly hold the soap without the fear of any risk of swimming in public baths.

According to the Library of Congress (national library), the epidermis, or outer layer of skin, consisting of dead cells of keratin that absorb moisture when immersed in water for a long time. Absorption of moisture causes cells to swell and the outer layer of skin expands, but because they are connected to the lower layers of the dermal tissue, has no ability to expand, the outer layer of the skin shrinks, compensating for its increased surface area.

Apparently, the shrinkage of the fingers is of little evolutionary value, allowing our ancestors to more efficiently produce food in conditions of high humidity. In addition, a similar process occurs on the toes, increasing the grip soles with the ground during rain and facilitated the move to large distances. It is still unclear how this phenomenon is widespread in the wild and gives any benefits over other types. We know that besides man’s fingertips shrink only in macaques.

4. Why do you run «small» more often when you’re cold

You did not have time to go to a stuffy and hot street into the cool bliss of air conditioning as just bursting into the toilet? Or mark each pool with cold water almost against your will? Science this disgusting is the answer.

When you’re cold, your blood vessels constrict, and the body starts faster to drive the blood through the veins, so you can stay warm. Kidney from this «stage» increases the filtration and, consequently, urine accumulates faster and, therefore, she wants to get rid of as quickly as possible.

5. Why after a night of drinking you always Wake up early

After a rough night of drinking, nothing looks as good as your own bed. Deep sleep, peace and quiet is slowly but surely making their way through the helicopter field that is in your head. And here is the long awaited dream comes and you rejoice in the fact that in the morning when you open your eyes, you will be cheerful and happy, Recalling its freshness of crisp green cucumber.

But it was not there. You Wake up around four in the morning as if you were hit on the head with something very heavy.

Fatigue will not go away, but you nevertheless are awake.

All you want to do is close my eyes and return to warm dark place where no headache. However, nothing helps, the pain does not let go, plus 4 hours will have to go to work.

Everyone who ever drank alcohol, sooner or later faces with the above-described strange phenomenon when drinking activates a whole chain of hormones responsible for the revival. When you’re drinking, your body is busy working on the absorption of the poison that you continue to fill.

Your night may have ended when you almost puked on the pool table, but your liver is just beginning. Intense liver processes the alcohol while you drink, go home, barely get the key in the keyhole, and finally fall asleep. When the bell rings, your liver very glad that you decided to stop with ethanol, and enters into the mode of «we are finally starting to clear,» which leads to disruption of sleep cycle.

Of course, this effect can be avoided if you drink only a stack or two. Or Vice versa, it is possible to drink enough to be in a coma. But any position other than the two specified above may trigger the «internal alarm clock» that will send you to a painful night watching the series.