5 advertising tricks from the professionals

You know, dude, that advertising is the engine of progress. Especially in our harsh capitalist age. Do you know that the Creator of Coca Cola John Pemberton spent exactly half of the proceeds from each sold bottle? History knows many examples when even the craziest idea has borne fruit. Here are just a few of the recipes. Look, Man, maybe useful!

1. Naives on the athletes


For centuries, the major sports brands in order to advertise collaborated with great athletes. The pioneers in this case can be called a nice German brand Puma. While football stadiums around the world was plastered with is Adidas, the creators of Rome have been wiser. They paid Pele for the fact that he began to tie the laces for a few seconds before the final match of the 1970 world Cup. Naturally, the major plan of this process was in the stream, and the whole world knew, whose sneakers is the greatest footballer on the planet. Such advertising was much cheaper and more effective than if managers Puma adorned with the logo of his company the whole stadium, and is years ahead ensured the success of the German company.

2. Even emergencies can be use


5 Aug 2010 the mine San Jose in Northern Chile accident: as a result of the collapse of the rock under the ground was walled up 33 people who spent a stone cell about 3 months before they were able to save. The company Oakley sent the miners with food, water and necessary things for a couple of their branded sunglasses. When the victims finally climbed out, they had to wear glasses-because unaccustomed eyes from the bright light for all time of stay in the mine. Persons rescued miners in Oakley sunglasses shown on all TV channels and in all publications, not including blogs and Internet sites. Don’t know you are wearing these glasses, but their level of sales after this event has increased dramatically.

3. Intelligently pick up his advertiser


Perhaps the most shocking method of advertising was shown in the distant 1910. As you know, at that time, executions were the most fun, popular and accessible form of leisure. And that’s what happened. Before the execution, the offender offered to shout the slogan for cocoa van Hutten. What reward was offered to the artist, remains a mystery, but an interesting gimmick struck a number of people that the product sales increased several dozen times.

4.Use human habits


A very unusual way of advertising in terms of the cruel realities of Russian identity held by the Emperor Peter I, who during his European tour, tasted a lot of potato dishes and ordered a couple of bags to send Home. But in Russia not liking potatoes. Well, nothing. Already issued decrees – a Russian peasant flower of the leaves will break his cap insert so going to flaunt. But he who has not sported with potato flower, I just devoured it, from what is predictable died. Potatoes were many, she forcibly planted fields, she gave a great harvest, was hearty and very cheap. But the Russian peasant still a turnip porridge eating. Then, the cunning Peter, who knew and understood the soul of the peasant, ordered to play on his greed…. Planted fields Peter potatoes and put guards around them. The Russian people immediately began to wonder what it is they guard. He thought and thought and finally thought: once protected, it means that something is very good. And started the peasants everywhere to steal potatoes from the fields. Sentries not firing, they were told not to touch the «thieves». Moreover, in barns, in which were stored potatoes, deliberately hung weak locks. That’s such a clever way potatoes of the amazing fruit has become the most popular Namco Russian cuisine.

5. Don’t skimp on the bonuses


You know about souvenir merchandise with the famous print of the company. Now this is no surprise and it was a real breakthrough. And the impetus for this breakthrough was the tattoo. And thought that the home of the legendary «motoconcho» Harley Davidson. The company has announced fabulous discounts on their products only for those who had on his body a tattoo of a brand name. Thus, the biker got discounts, tattoo and attracted by its appearance to other potential customers.

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