5 adventures that you will remember for a lifetime


We don’t want you to spent this summer was useless. And under useless time we mean a routine that can, and beautiful, but certainly devoid of vivid impressions. It is possible to enjoy success with the friends, to work productively in the company and even beat the game Morrowind, for every Large House. But this is quickly forgotten as the years go by and they don’t stop so you can breath.

The past I remember only the brightest moments. It is unlikely you will remember a good day, which you had 125 days ago. It’s not those memories that will characterize your life. But you will remember his courageous act, the mad adventure, the trial, which went forward, not thinking about the consequences. It is about these acts that we want to talk to you. You need to try in life, to remember that summer evenings in old age? For example, something from our list.

1. A week in Karelia

Karelia is a Paradise for men who always wanted to feel a Titanic beauty of Northern nature. Simply put, if you like vast forests, clean lakes full of fish, the smell of pine needles and moss, then you have to send it to Karelia. This area is located on the border with Finland, in the North of our country, so if you live in the capital, not go so far.

Note: a couple of days rest is not enough. Just take a tour for a week. Recommend to contact the team RussiaDiscovery. They organize not just a trip to another region, but the whole adventure that incorporates several types of active recreation. The price for this splendor taking into account the equipment rental and accommodation in quality cottages only 39 800 rubles.

The journey is divided into 6 days. Each day is dedicated to something specific. For example, on the first day you will travel by boat along the route: lake Occularly – lake Payserve. You can stop to fish, gather mushrooms and to make your picnic in the wild. On the second day you are waiting for a Bicycle ride that spans 20 kilometers. On this day you will visit Sandusky deserts and various monuments of military history. Then there is kayaking on the calm water – a great option to enjoy the view.


The following two-day Quad bike safaris and jeep tours. You will visit an old Karelian village, surrounded by swamps and taiga will travel along forest roads, which will be not only smooth track, but also off-road.

And finally, the last day RussiaDiscovery devotes rafting on the river Shuya is 8 miles of pure extreme sports, who will be remembered for a long time.

2. Parachute jump

The joy of free fall is almost impossible to describe, you have to feel it in my gut, to experience for yourself. No video, no stories of friends will not be able to adequately convey all these feelings from swimming in wind flows, clouds, the kind that will seem like a hallucination, a fairy tale. Deliberately to achieve this state is possible only one way – with the help of a parachute.


Such jumps are available to everyone, jump even children and elderly people. If you’re a beginner, you likely will be in tandem. That is, to control the flight will be an experienced skydiver to land – he, too, and you’ll be just not to disturb him, occasionally performing simple instructions. Your job is to enjoy the flight, no more.

In Moscow you can jump in many places, but of course we recommend a team of professionals from «the Territory of the Flight«. Before the jump you will be given everything you need: overalls, helmet, goggles and gloves. You can order a video that will preserve your experience for the ages and will serve as proof of your courage. We are still about the height you said, so: 4000 meters!Of course, a free flight will be only for the first part of this route, and after you can enjoy the height of measuring the flying clouds, gradually approaching the earth. About safety don’t worry – she’s at the highest level!

3. Flights

And if you live in St. Petersburg and the surrounding area, and from childhood I was crazy about flying machines (planes, helicopters), and he wanted to try himself as a pilot, we recommend the club «Peterpam». This club deals not only with the organization of the flight and training of pilots SVS (ultralight aircraft), so that you can become a real pilot, if you set out with a goal.

But even if you don’t want to dedicate your life to it, still worth a try, besides now they have a sale season – the prices are significantly reduced. You have the opportunity to fly by helicopter to experience extreme flying (pilot will perform a variety of aerobatics like barrel, corkscrew and loop), to be at the helm (albeit under the watchful supervision of professionals).


The prices are very attractive. For example, you can start with flight on the aircraft, Piper PA just 3990 rubles for 4990 rubles, you can take part in the maneuvers over the Gulf of Finland and the helicopter can fly for only 9,500 rubles.

In fact, the mass of the proposals, for different taste and different goals, and technique is not upsetting her a lot and it is different. If you don’t need shoes, but need a helicopter, for example, a wedding or any event, «Peterpam» will also be a great choice.

4. The white water rafting

If you live in the South of our vast country is still not rafted down the mountain rivers, what are you even doing here? This is a unique opportunity to get a hefty dose of adrenaline and enjoy the mountain scenery.


Routes can vary in difficulty (very difficult, others just «cruise»), the type of vessels (kayaks, catamarans).

But we certainly recommend that you go from the most extreme variants, which are created not just to look at the tranquil river. Some rivers are so fast and strong, so resourceful that won’t let you out of his embrace just. You will fill the bumps, get bruises, your muscles will ache after swimming, otherwise it’s just water-children’s carousel.

In General, you should do some extreme alloy this summer. Sure that you will get addicted and want more.

5. Catching crabs

Such a fun spread in Northern Europe, in Norway and Sweden. In the countries of Oceania and Australia tours for catching crabs. It is not very popular, although the possibilities were.


Mostly these tours are conducted in the far East – there lives a king crab. The fishing itself is very different from regular fishing.

There is, for example, the coast technology, the meaning of which is Snorkelling and looking for crabs under rocks. For these cases use special krabolovy – this metal rim with stretched mesh well, or their own hands, encased in thick gloves.

But coastal fishing looks, in our opinion, very boring. It does not compare with the hunt for crab, which reaches its climax in the course of two seasons. Imagine Bering sea, where fishermen are shaking from the cold, and the wind reaches a speed of 100 kilometers per hour, causing storms and huge waves. Fishermen not too long to sleep – we must constantly monitor the vessel which is in danger every minute.You can lead up to 4 liters of water at a time, which can immediately turn into ice, so you have to constantly clean the deck. Hypothermia is only a small part of the problems encountered by professional fishers of the Kamchatka crabs. And you know what we mean? This is exactly what you need to gain experience for life. It is clear to get the ship will have to be trained, each counter is not taken, it’s of the XIX century. You must be strong, diligent and always strictly follow the instructions of the senior on a fishing boat. This is a great opportunity to test yourself and your strength.

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