5 accessories for iPhone 5s

manygoodtips.com_4.09.2014_U2pZM3bBZrOQWFunctional and stylish smartphone from Apple has a huge number of functions and features, which can not boast of similar gadgets from other manufacturers. Bulk the functionality and capacity of some absolutely incredible way managed to fit inside a small and light body. Anyway, called simply the new iPhone 5S can not. The smartphone has taken over all the features of a modern mobile phone, including a unique program, allowing to look at old things in a completely new way.

And if you are an iPhone owner, don’t be greedy and fork to the accessories, especially since we know the place where you will be able to buy them without compromising your pocket.

1. Case


All owners of iPhones love them to quit — a long established fact. And then, with the universal sadness in his eyes, to lift the smartphone from the ground, afraid to see the huge spot of the broken screen.

To such a terrible story become a reality, you need to «protect» a vital switch is a special case.

The Tough Armor case has hard plastic armor in a very convenient a streamlined package. The accessory is made of two parts — an inner skeleton of TPU and outer snap-on «armor» made of plastic. Inside of case has rubberized coating in the form of a web which also has a positive effect on the absorption of shocks when falling. With its concise shape and light weight, because the case has no metal elements, SGP Tough Armor provides optimal protection while being a stylish accessory, which softens the blows in the fall, not allowing scratches and abrasions to form on the body.

2. Transparent bumper


Cover-bumper ensures a tight fit the surface of the phone as possible while preventing the ingress of dust, it allows you to show all the advantages of a phone and everyone will see that you have an iPhone, and not some low-budget balalaika. High quality, reliable protection and convenience of carrying phone guaranteed.

3. Magnetic holder


Thing that universal will fit like smartphone and tablet. Magnetic holder features:

1. The magnetic latch is fixed on the back surface of the iPhone or the case in which it is located.

2. Stylish the stand in the form of a ball which is installed on the mobile device.

An essential element in the Arsenal of any motorist.

4. Telescope


Drawing attention to the fact that the photos taken on the iPhone have very good quality, the owners of these smartphones have ceased to carry a SLR to any cultural event.

Telescope 8x zoom for iPhone it is for these people!

The device is a monocular wheel and focus adjustment fixture allows you to fasten it on the phone.

There are settings of field and scale is in meters. The lens is fixed on the clamping mechanism.

The mechanism has a hole for mounting this gadget on a tripod.

5. Car Hands Free and FM Transmitter


This FM transmitterthat allows you to connect your player to any device with FM receiver without wires. You simply connect the FM Transmitter to iPod/Iphone, choose free FM radio and tune the music center on the same channel. If your car radio does not play music in MP3 format, then this gadget will save you from worn-out plates and gloomy silence.

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