5 a unique network of libraries in the world

manygoodtips.com loves to educate ourselves, and to write about it loves. And how in General to live, if not to study something interesting? You can travel, you can share happiness with a friend, and it is possible to participate in military campaigns. But we are sure, science still needs to accompany you on any path that you have managed to choose.

Ten lives is not enough to defeat at least 1% written by the hand of Homo sapiens. We are not able to know everything, but even though we live in an information society, we often lack quality information. It disappears, it eludes us. Unique content with each year becoming less. People rewrite thousands of times on the same topic. And the output from this special situation there. However, if you want to pump your brain, you have to look very rare editions. Who will help you do that? Of Course, manygoodtips.com!

We have compiled a small list of electronic libraries, which contain varying degrees scanned and unique books that cannot be found in bookstores and even on the pirate sites. Use it well and to form!

1. Google Book Search

From standing start. Google certainly has a much larger amount of information than any «secret government». And in 2004, they launched a great service that helps many bibliomanes around the world. Largest libraries of the world provided their books to scan, what a great added unique content. Stanford University gave 8 million books, Michigan gave Google 7 million books, and Harvard donated 40 000 unique publications. Without Oxford also has not done. And after you have joined a bunch of other library donors.

You probably think that the majority of books in English. And indeed it is. But also there are many publications in Russian, which are in the public domain, that is, read absolutely free. Besides, a lot of rarity on any topic.

2. Library Open Library

Another major foreign project. Useful for those dudes who love books, who overcame the threshold of two centuries. The project was created in conjunction with the California state library and the Foundation Calais-Austin. However, there are some subtleties when working with archives Open Library. Mostly it applies for terribly uncomfortable, especially if you want to find something Russian-speaking (but it is there!). On the other hand, looking for can find these book pearls of XIX century.

3. Library Of The Russian Geographical Society

But this is a Patriotic meeting. If you compare the archives of Google, the PRO not so many books, but they are damn original, behind them several centuries of the history of this community, which was founded by Nicholas I. Flawless collection, which sheds light on hundreds of years of geographical (and other) research in the country. Besides, there are many unique books that have been donated by individuals of the past. We should also mention the section of the library called «works of the expeditions». When you read the reports of travelers of the XIX century and marvel at how beautiful and clear was the scientific language of the time. It seems that this skill modern scholars nearly lost. In General, read catch the buzz.

To find a library PRO, just go to their website, and there will understand. Guarantee that the read more than interesting.

4. Cyberleninka

Must be serious science is open and accessible to all? We believe it is so.

Often brilliant minds were, in essence, self-taught, they had to find serious books, avoiding the whole world. Now everything became easier, the world has become more open, but the access to scientific publications, a thorough study is still lacking. However, there is a scientific electronic library, which slowly corrects this. It is called Cyberleninka. The library stands on the Foundation of Open Science, giving everyone access to modern publications with very different profiles.

And though many of us hardened in the Humanities, the library we are always in the tabs.

5. The electronic library, state public historical library

Represents an open archive of the State Public Historical Library. Interesting from several angles. First, the books there are presented rare, new little. Second, there is a large collection of magazines of the past, straight out of Imperial Russia on a variety of everyday topics. Imagine what the Russian man lived two centuries ago. Presented? If not, read it, surprised. Third, there are interesting publications in the Russian emigration. This is a whole layer of culture, identity, who broke away from us. In our opinion, such stories people need to know they talk about once the essential truths and are taught to perceive the world differently from the current position.

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