4K Ultra Short Throw – new projector from Sony


Let’s say you bought a new TV and a special Cabinet or a wall to contain it. Maybe you got excited with purchase? Maybe you have an extra 30 Grand? Then get your furniture and equipment back on the shelves of the store and pay attention to the fact that Sony introduced the world.


4K Ultra Short Throw is a projector capable of transmitting an image in 4K. Its main feature is the versatility and conciseness of style. This projector does not require special mounting or anything like that. All that he needed, socket and place near the wall as 4K Ultra Short Throw is a pretty massive Cabinet with a size of 2700 x 535 x 265 mm



4K Ultra Short Throw is able to project image sizes from 66 to 147 inches, while its resolution will be 4096 x 2160 pixels. The luminous flux of the laser lamp is 2000 LM. In addition to the projector Sony has equipped their stand with a pair of speakers and most conventional lockers. on the rear of the chassis has connectors HDMI, USB, LAN, plus connectors for additional speakers.


With this cool gadget a friend will not refuse you when you ask her out in the evening just to «watch a movie».

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