45 universal advice for all occasions

manygoodtips.com_5.02.2015_fuCaoSZfioeANIf you believe the old saying, a fool gives advice, and even more stupid is listening to him. But we and you, of course, the happy exception to the rule, so it’s not about us.

So, actually, we mix for you a new portion of universal advice. Most likely, you did not just gave himself such recommendations, but it never hurts to refresh your memory and perhaps finally begin to use any of them.

1. Buy tools of high quality, and you will spend the money only once.

2. Keep in office a change of clothes.

3. Never don’t make a fight unless you see an immediate threat.

4. Every business should serve the purpose.

5. Don’t take her to the movies on a first date.

6. Learn humanly to shave.

7. No rags will not be steeper expensive, it’s great on you costume.

8. Always look in the eyes.

9. Workout really can make you happy. Run, squat, pull – actively do sports.

10. First, brush your teeth, then get dressed.

11. Put off a small amount of salary to your savings account every month.

12. Call parents weekly.

13. Never wear a tie on elastic.

14. Train strong and confident handshake.

15. Do not forget to make compliments shoes girls.

16. When walking, look straight ahead. Don’t slouch.

17. Find your passion and figure out how much to pay for it.

18. Don’t let little head think and decide for the big head.

19. The player who first lost his temper and lost control of emotions.

20. Never stop to learn.

21. Courage is not only the ability to take care of themselves but also about others.

22. Man does what needs to be done without complaining.

23. Ask more than answer. Everyone loves to talk about himself.

24. Every person deserves respect, regardless of their status or position.

25. No regrets on his deathbed that he spent too little time at work.

26. Always shake the hand standing up.

27. Control and manage your body language.

28. Don’t change yourself just to make someone happy.

29. Fortune favors the bold and prepared.

30. If you’re the only smart person in the room, immediately get out of there and never there stay away.

31. Every time goes in a world like today you will meet the love of your life.

32. You can judge a person on issues that concerned him, and things he considers important.

33. Don’t have sex with a woman if she does not want the same as you.

34. Personal responsibility is an integral part of your life. Shit happens, but your job is to overcome it.

35. You should know where her clitoris is and how to handle it.

36. Finish your beer. Don’t leave on the plate uneaten food.

37. If you’re not confident, fake it it. Very soon it will become real.

38. Don’t risk what you cannot afford to lose.

39. Gay guys do not stand at the end of the queue. The ability to laugh gives you a hundred points handicap.

40. Women find confident men hot as hell.

41. Buy spare parts before you need parts.

42. Choose solutions that will ultimately shape and create a good and interesting story from your life.

43. The best way to get rid of the smell of alcohol – to chew nutmeg.

44. The easiest method to break up with a friend to give her confidence that she wants to break up with you.

45. Do what you want to do, but be the best in it.

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