44 classic men’s hobby. Part 3

Today we bring you the final part of the guide to classic men’s hobby. In case you missed something, with the first part here and the second here. And if we missed something, then you won’t carry.

31. Piloting


A woman at the wheel you face constantly, and we hope only figuratively. But often you hear stories about women who sit at the controls of an airplane? It is unlikely. Some of the most courageous people in the world those who managed to conquer the sky. And let’s not looking to set any records, but enjoy the flight and endless space you can. Your most important obstacle will be the only one unpleasant thing – the cost of such activities. Lessons on piloting and getting a license can cost several thousand dollars. Next – hire the aircraft. In principle, it is possible also to create a flying machine, but then you need the garage for storage, which is not cheap. Although we don’t know who is reading these terms, but if you wipe my ass with hundred dollar bills, you probably confirm that nothing compares with the feeling of freedom that is felt in the air, controlling the aircraft.

32. Tricks


Sleight of hand and no fraud! Every man should know at least a couple of good magic tricks to impress friends, to achieve the ladies and become the best friend of children. This is another hobby that followed many of the guys from the world of childhood into adult reality. You didn’t think before then the ORT channel and watched the transfer with Copperfield? How about the sexy and charming assistants who always successfully distracted the attention? Unlike previous hobby it will cost you a penny: a deck of cards and some tutorial and you will notice how after a couple of months will be masterly to spray my mother-in-law in the living room!

33. Learning a foreign language


Incredibly useful and important task that can improve the quality of your life. This is time consuming and difficult task, and only constant practice can lead you to success. Some libraries in big cities often hold meetings where people can come to talk in a foreign language with others or watch films in the original language. Read the book, you can start with children, watch soap operas with subtitles, listen to songs, and heed to the transfer. Remember that the road arises under the steps going.

34. Playing cards


Poker, bridge, whist, snap, twenty-one – at all times and in almost all countries men loved and love to spread the cards. Card game will ensure you a healthy spirit of competition, excitement and pleasant conversation, so buy a beer, a few cigars and call friends on party poker.

35. Keeping a personal blog


Writing is definitely a male hobby, and in the age of modern technology blogs offer a new vision of this venerable class. This is the area of knowledge exchange with those who’re in the same «theme» and just like you, well versed in the issue. You can meet people from all over the world who share your interests, and to conduct serious discussions with their peers onlaynovskie. A personal blog can be your personal corner in the vast Internet-open spaces, where you will be allowed to vent, post pictures, write about your plans that you can look at the time. Or you can use blogging to make a career and to arrange your personal brand. Your blog or website is a really useful thing.

36. Paintball


Remember when you were a child, I played «war games» with your friends using imaginary grenades, bazookas and bullets? Now that you’re «a big boy», you can play again, only instead of bullets balls with dyes. It’s not very expensive, but a widespread fun, which will give you a great shake, and will definitely lift your spirits.

37. Fencing


The Musketeers, Zorro and Luke Skywalker was an expert in the skill of swordsmanship. The sport has its roots in the times of Ancient Greece and Rome worthy of a gentleman. There are three different weapons used in fencing: foil, saber and epee. Each of them has a different weight and rules. Maybe it’s time for you to join the art who were trained knights and lords of the past centuries? Fencing will teach you balance, coordination, flexibility and care. And it’s really a noble hobby.

38. Brewing


To drink a mug of excellent beer, not necessarily to buy a ticket to Germany around October. If you want to get it right, do it yourself. My grandfather made whiskey, wine and a couple of times were brewing. Unfortunately, his personal technology is not known to me, and I already don’t know her, but I am sure that this is possible. The Internet is full of information on how to start this process, with some edge for him it is better to take to minimize financial costs. Once familiar with the technical part, you can start to experiment with flavors. Who knows, maybe it will be a great idea for a successful business and your life’s work?

39. Drawing and painting


Winston Churchill was an avid painter. He could sit for hours in his garden or in the home Studio and paint, Smoking a cigar. Churchill understood that creativity has a beneficial effect on both physical and psychological health. Even if you have no innate talent, learning, even from scratch, and constant practice will do the trick. All you need to start is an album, pencils and, of course, desire.

40. Amateur astronomy

Poradi.s. ua_29.01.2015_ATkc32TmzLMFX

Space… it is Unlikely you will ever leave this planet, except if not already recorded in the list of volunteers who go to colonize Mars. But you can observe the stars and planets are tiny dots, standing on the balcony of his apartment, if starry night was, and the sky could not close. Amateur astronomers have made several big discoveries, the last of them – the discovery of a new planet in a system of four stars. We think that buying an expensive and powerful telescope is quite will pay for itself when your name will enter in history of the pioneers. Just remember that astronomy, even Amateur – it’s not just buying a telescope, but also study our amazing Universe, and the knowledge you can get for free that can not but rejoice.

41. Genealogy


Genealogy is fun. This is the kind of hobby that seems boring only as long as you’re actually doing it. But as soon as you start your search, leave them in the head. The Apple does not fall far from the tree, but how will you know what kind of fruit, if you do not know which tree fell? Everyone should know and honor their roots. Climbing the family tree, you will be able to understand why you are where now to learn more about parents, grandparents, great grandparents and so on, climbing higher on the branches of your family tree. You’re not just a person: your shoulders a huge story that you don’t remember and don’t know. Isn’t it interesting to look into this a bit more?

42. Adventure race


In major cities marathon race or a bike race is no surprise. But adventure racing is not exactly let you get bored and relax. It is a sport that consists of two or more sport disciplines, such as orienteering, cross-country running, mountain Biking, rowing, climbing, and so on. You can take part in the sprint and finish the race for a day or a few hours, and can collect equipment and take part in an expedition adventure race. The elderly there’s no place like cowards and lazy Asses.

43. Carpentry


Carpentry is another classic men’s hobby, which helps to feel yourself a real Master, the master of the house, whose «Golden hands», even if at first it is far from the truth. Just start from simple to complex, and gradually increase your knowledge and improve skill. This is another hobby that can become a favorite thing that brings income to the family: restoration, construction of simple objects, making furniture for home or garden – all these can bring you not only money, but also moral satisfaction from knowing that you are doing a very good job.

44. Computer programming


Ham radio in 50 years been so popular as today, computer programming. Not to say that women have not achieved success in this area, but their percentage is very small. Many of us have made it a profession, but there are those who believe programming is great fun. Someone creates an online game and someone useful application open source, or cool web projects. Programming languages very much, so you will always have something to do, and certainly will not be bored.

Anyway, that’s it. If you still remember about some interesting men’s hobby, which was written in previous editions or in this article, make sure you write in the comments.

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