44 classic men’s hobby. Part 2

manygoodtips.com_27.01.2015_wZZXXjMNGNZ93Today, we again remind you that outside your office and cozy room lies a wonderful world of opportunities and entertainment fit for such a harsh man as you. If suddenly you haven’t found anything suitable on this list, we have prepared for you a new one.

16. Woodcarving


What if you dream of working with wood, but you have no money to buy all the necessary equipment? The answer is obvious – you take care of the carving. All you need is a knife, a piece of soft wood, a lot of free time and a rocking chair to complete the image. Ah, just so! Don’t forget about the tube! The carving will really help you to relax and free the mind from superfluous nonsense after a hard day. In libraries or in open access on the Internet you can find many tutorials about woodcarving where you will draw ideas and descriptions that will help you to learn and to love this men’s hobby.

17. Geocaching


Do you cherish your inner child? Not played enough hide and seek and dream about finding a treasure? Then a hobby, involves geocaching, will save you from the gray routine and boredom. People hide all kinds of objects or containers in all sorts of places, and then post the location coordinates on the Internet. You just stay out of the house, armed with a GPS, and to find these well-hidden «treasures». First, it will be fun, and second, you examine the city and those regions where had never been. Such a hobby definitely will bring you joy and a healthy sense of adventure.

18. Sport


Every man, whether he is a nerd or an idiot, should do sports, have at least some physical activity in your life. Dichotomy on the muscles and the mind in the fundamentally wrong position. Physical activity boosts your testosterone level, making you healthy and strong, relieves stress and depression. The competitive spirit of sports particularly useful for the development of courage, which is inherent nature of man. Not just a gym: soccer, basketball, wrestling – no matter what you choose, just not to sit around and do nothing.

19. Create models


Build varied layouts and models of cars, planes, houses and ships, maybe something you loved doing in childhood. Now you have more opportunities, and hands began to grow from the right place, so why not remember and do not take myself that once brought real joy?! You concentrate on the details, pushing the boundaries of patience, learn more about items to make. It can not be considered a children’s hobby, but it will go for classic men.

20. Leatherworking


The famous hero of fairy tale folklore did not shun the profession and crushed skins of their arms with unusual force. If you have not guessed, we are talking about Nikita Kozhemyako, who defeated the snake and saved the Princess. So why don’t you try on the image of Hercules and not to engage in such a pastime? The smell of leather and handmade a learning spermogrammu craft. You can make belts, wallets, handbags and so on. The only negative is a rather expensive hobby, but if you suddenly have a taste for it, you will be able to earn good money.

21. Bowling


Fred Flintstone, Homer Simpson, Ralph Kramden and freezing out… What is common among these characters, cartoons and movies? The answer is simple: their love of bowling. In the US 50 years men met in a bowling alley to have fun with other guys, drink beer and smoke a cigar. The bowling alley became a refuge of courage for those whose homes occupied mothers, wives and daughters. So call your friends and book the track already this weekend!

22. Archery


While firearms have almost completely replaced the bow and arrow, a return to basics can bring you great pleasure and a sense of pride for mastering a skill. Muscle, agility, reaction, concentration – everything you need if you decide to engage in this leisure. Well, bow and arrows, of course. A little practice, you’ll be able to get straight into the Apple located on the head of your friend! And the story about it will be included in the century under any scenario, good or not.

23. Martial arts


There are countless advantages in martial arts training: the skills of self-defense, exercise, discipline and attention, health benefits, an introduction to the traditions of courage and understanding of the warrior spirit. Just pick the direction that you want. The choice is really large and varied.

24. Hiking


That can compare with long hikes, when you can relax, put your thoughts in a peaceful way, to enjoy the fresh air and nice landscapes. In most cases, it’s completely free. All you need is a pair of sturdy shoes, a place to walk and good weather conditions. If you are a resident of a big city suburb with its nature reserves and parks is the place where you can relax from the bustle of the city.

25. Become a connoisseur of alcoholic drinks, cigars and Smoking pipes


You determine the quality of spirits with its price: just darling, so good. And only a true connoisseur understands how one brand differs from another, as the birthplace of the production affects the flavour and palatability, what is the difference between Bourbon, Scotch and whiskey.

Cognac, beer, wine, cigars, and pipe tobacco can be for you those things that you really want to understand: understand all the subtleties and nuances, to know what makes a well-known brand so unique and traditional. Such an approach will not only enhance the pleasure of consumption of the product, but will also give you the opportunity to meet with the same slim fans, just like you. Seminars, books and blogs – all this is free! Now you’re not plump – now you are learning.

26. Photo


If you die the artist, but the hands and imagination absolutely do not want to hear your cry from the heart, the picture will be your perfect alternative! After all, with due diligence, training and constant practice you can become skilled and a good photographer. Digital camera in almost every home benefits from the series «photoshop for dummies» produced by the ton, plus the passion for photography you will be able to combine with any other hobby. You are known to the servant of the stomach and constantly looking for somewhere cheaper to eat? Take interegr messes in your town? I love Hiking in the fresh air? Take a camera and recorded these wonderful moments!

27. Billiards


Billiards combines strategy, knowledge of geometry and psychology needed to win. The axis of rotation, transfer of momentum, angle of impact – no detail should be missed. Billiards – a game which clearly shows how important it is to think through every move, and this skill will help you not only in the games room, but in life.

28. Climbing


Here it is impossible not to recall the famous line from the songs of Vladimir Vysotsky: «Man in the mountain Tang – take a chance! Don’t leave him, let him in the bunch with you – there’ll know who is.» Climbing is overcoming your fear, pain, fatigue and himself. About all of this is forgotten when you reach the desired top and you head covers avalanche of feelings: joy, pride, sense of self-importance and superiority over other people who were somewhere down there. This hobby is not for the fainthearted but for the brave and tough guys.

29. Cooking


You’ve probably heard that the most famous and brilliant chefs in the world are men. Remember Gordon Ramsay, Jamie Oliver, Wolfgang Puck, Tom Coliccio and many other dudes who have found their place in the kitchen and score for this multi-million dollar fortune. Per month. Take their example. Of course, the dough you do not Shine, but you’ll be a strong, independent girl Borschev husband, who eats healthy food and is able to hit the lady with his culinary skills, which usually is rewarded.

30. Blacksmithing


And the last hobby in this post (and there will be a third part, because you didn’t think that the world of men’s Hobbies are limited to three dozen items?) rooted in antiquity. Now hardly anyone makes a living blacksmithing, but many men are doing this craft for fun. In Russia the blacksmiths were attributed magical properties, they are respected, their views listened to. Now, to do this hobby, you will have to spend about the same as when buying a new good camera.

And here you already start the fire in the forge and hit a rock on the hot piece of iron lying on the anvil, like the Supreme God of the Eastern Slavs, the God of the blacksmith Svarog.

As you can see, this guy bored. Can’t waste time on nonsense when there are so many lessons for a fun time.

44 classic men’s hobby. Part 3

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