44 classic men’s hobby. Part 1

manygoodtips.com_26.01.2015_5sbokxwsqHI4NWe often say that modern life is full of stress that we have no extra hours in these twenty-four. But, essentially, you are spending much more time just sitting in front of the TV or computer. However, the permanent hobby can bring you a ton of joy, to help focus attention on details to expand your creativity, get to know new people and maintain cordial relations with old friends. Hobby makes your life more interesting, helps to keep the mind in tone, relieves boredom and apathy, and the realization that your life has a passion and a hobby that brings a sense of peace and satisfaction. Well, to choose, believe me, there are plenty.

1. Chess


For centuries, men playing chess to develop concentration, learn critical and abstract thinking skills necessary to solve problems and tasks in a variety of categories. Benjamin Franklin in the 18th century wrote an essay entitled «the Moral values of chess», which claimed that the game of chess forms the «valuable qualities of the mind, useful in human life, which must be purchased or reinforced with it, so that they become habits on all occasions. Because life is a kind of chess…» What could be better than spending time with a friend playing the game, which will make both of you better? Even if there is no one else who will sit with you at the chess table, you will always be able to play this game online.

2. Amateur radio


Internet radio stations, as well as other things with the word «Internet» in the beginning of the word, dominate the modern world, but despite this, the community of enthusiasts hobbyists still exist. Amateur radio – a versatile technical hobby associated with the construction and use radio and electronic devices. In the Soviet years such form of entertainment was incredibly popular. May your grandfather the whole storage room was littered with various radio equipment of all types and stripes, who have repeatedly disassembled and whose parts are moved from one device to another? Some dudes from our editorial this picture is very close, familiar and evokes nostalgia for a hobby that was considered masculine, but has now become archaic.

3. Reading


Of course, it is not only a men’s hobby. Love of books is inherent to any reasonable person. Theodore Roosevelt was a voracious reader, like most great men in history. Reading gives you to communicate with thinkers and writers, gives new ideas, making you into a fully developed man. What to read? Leaf through our magazine and you will find various lists of interesting, quality literature, from art, and ending with books on business. And again, in the Internet age, this hobby is completely free.

4. Playing guitar


Instead of wasting your time playing Guitar Hero spend that time learning this tool. Numerous online courses to help you. This skill will make you an indispensable person in the campaigns, on the housing booze and add a couple of bonuses in the evaluation of friends.

5. Ballroom dancing


Do not rush to spit and biased. Have you read about what dances are not held in high esteem among men, and which on the contrary are considered to be severe. Ballroom dancing is a classic of the genre. Remember what you’ve read about called the Royal balls and parties, where the ability of men to behave on the floor was identified with its origin, upbringing and gentility. These classes will help become a more confident, more balanced, will help to correct posture and provide a great cardio. If you have a girlfriend, we are sure she will be happy to take the offer to go to a few sessions. Well, if not a friend, then ballroom dancing is a great way to meet girls.

6. Woodworking


A man needs to get from a piece of wood to make something useful and beautiful. And to the point. With this skill, you’ll be able to make gifts, décor items and furniture, while proudly telling the public that it all made itself. Those who are fond of woodworking, note that this reduces stress, develops patience and care. Perhaps it is through such men’s Hobbies you will be able to understand Zen.

7. Gardening


In a crisis, many are inclined to think about their own businesses. In our southern parts often the emphasis is on farming. People in this profession handles their own land to meet the needs of your family. For office workers who are 40+ hours a week in the glow of artificial lighting, of outdoor activities in the movement among sunlight – a great tool against boredom. If you have a suburban area, where you’re going just for may holidays, then you have all the cards in your hand. And when you cook meals from vegetables grown in their own garden, definitely will feel a rush of male pride.

8. Restoration of cars


Of old men stuck in their garages for hours and tinkered with their cars. Now the auto industry is each year becoming more sophisticated and computerized. If the car needs a repair, we go for help to a mechanic. But even if your hands are growing where necessary and have enough theoretical knowledge, the restoration of cars as a hobby is quite expensive. You need to buy a car, tools, and continually to buy the necessary parts. However spent time and money will be repaid with interest with the right approach, because restoration of classic cars are worth very serious money. Although there is a possibility that you, like Pygmalion, will not want to part with his creation.

9. Metalworking


Experience with metal processing is similar to the practice of woodworking. Only here you will plunge into the smell of wood and sawdust, and the smell of burning metal. Similarly, you can decorate your furniture to make a unique decor items for the garden or the arch on the fence. Flight of fancy is limited only by your knowledge and desire this skill to learn.

10. Shooting


If you’re not keen on hunting, you can always engage in sport shooting and become a real Pro in this business. You’ll need maximum concentration, a steady hand and one of the areas of types of shooting: trap shooting, pistol shooting or rifle. But this is another hobby is not from the cheap. Guns are expensive, ammo is expensive, you should always think about safe place to practice (in addition to shooting club). Start with Pneumatics. And see how many bottles and at what distance you’ll be able to destroy.

11. Collecting


The female brain is accustomed to working in multitasking mode, while the man prefers to focus their valuable attention on one thing. Therefore, even with a boyish age, we hold a passion for collecting items ranging from chips «Pokemon», to exclusive miniatures sports cars. The main idea of this hobby – the pursuit of the dream, the desire to find and to «their charm». This passion and adventurism.

12. Camping with a tent


Modern man is unhappy because he lost connection with nature. Therefore, each of us should strive to regularly connect with nature for physical and mental health. Sleeping under the stars, wipe the mug to sit by the fire and breathe fresh air… a Dream! Camping is the most economical way, which will help you to «get away from it all». Take your friends and go alone – the benefits of Hiking cannot be overemphasized.

13. Ship in a bottle


Classic male Hobbies – placing model ships in glass bottles. Patience, concentration and a steady hand are your best assistants in this leisure.

14. Hunting


For many centuries the man in the family is the breadwinner and the breadwinner. While hunting the boy, learned the principles of courage, being in male company. And now you’ve got the «big Mac» with paper patties and stuffed your stomach like fastfudov stuff. What are the benefits you get from hunting? A return to the traditions of our ancestors, fresh meat or poultry obtained through dinner, chatting with other like-minded hunters. Well, what to do with the dead rabbit, you already know.

15. Fishing


May kill elk or bear is not your dream. The alternative is fishing! You remain the same getter, going fishing in the company of friends or alone. There you can enjoy peace and unity with nature, to heal the shattered nerves, and later eat for dinner, the dish of fish, which he caught.

Of course, this is not the whole list of male Hobbies, but only the first part. Patience is our friend, patience! Maybe next time we will throw you a couple ideas of things to occupy your idle mind and clumsy hands, making the leisure in the present male hobby.

44 classic men’s hobby. Part 2

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