40 of the most common men’s mistakes in sex


1. Don’t kiss her start. When men don’t kiss woman on the lips and go straight to the erogenous zones, friends take it as if they are paid hourly and therefore in a hurry, skipping what is not considered important. Passionate kiss is an integral part of foreplay.

2. Hard to breathe in her ear. When at school, someone there told you that girls like it. But Hello, there is a difference between erotic breath in your ear and how people act to try to extinguish the candles on the cake on the day of his 50th anniversary. It’s frustrating.

3. Not to shave. When you’re with your protruding bristles like a porcupine and scratching the girl’s face and thighs that she does not like. Weird, huh? And the way she turns her head from side to side, is not a passion, it she’s trying to avoid the painful touch of the bristles.

4. Gripping her Breasts. Most men do it about as Housewives, relying on the watermelon ripeness. You have to be gentle and careful.

5. To bite her nipples. Why men with such zeal biting friends boob? Nipples are very sensitive. No need to bite and sting. Better to lick.

6. To twist nipples. Enough to twist her nipples between your thumb and forefinger, like you would tune a radio! Bring attention to the chest as a whole, do not concentrate on specific points.

7. To ignore other parts of the body. Dudes are often mistaken in thinking that the map of female body contains only three objects: the Western and Eastern Dec the hills and a Large tunnel. And yet there are many areas that people somehow ignores my haste to visit this short list of attractions. So pay attention to them!

8. Hands confused. If you’re not too deftly controlled with his hands and can get caught in her panties fingers, nothing pleasant, for it is not drawn. Just ask him to remove them. Or remove them himself.

9. Do not take a condom. Once it so happened that it is considered a male prerogative. You wear take care of it.

10. Attacking the clitoris. Direct and strong pressure is very unpleasant, so gently move your fingers on it up and down.

11. Stop for a break. Women, unlike us, can’t continue from the same point where you left off. So if she’s cumming, don’t stop and do everything in your power, at any cost!

12. Embarrassed to undress her. Women hate to look silly. But if you remove her sweater and he’ll be stuck on her head — this is really stupid. Any gallant and clever, don’t act like a child.

13. To pull her underwear up to your ear during foreplay. So, put a little squeeze through her panties is hot. And pull them with great force so that they reach to the navel, but this is not.

14. Being obsessed with the vagina. Most dudes that do the job to find the clitoris without a map, but they still think that vagina is the most important sex business. In principle, of course, important. But we must be careful: here the main thing not to hurt. Best during foreplay to concentrate on the clitoris, and then gently push a finger inside — if she likes it.

15. To massage too hard. When you want to give her an erotic, relaxing massage to create the appropriate mindset, it is not necessary to use force.

16. It is premature to undress. Do not rush things, haste to shed his clothes. Let her do at least a couple of steps to meet you even just undoing a couple of buttons.

17. First remove your pants. The worst kind of men — when he’s in his socks and shorts. Take off your socks forward.

18. Hurry. When you have just started to have sex, you don’t need to go to Overspeed, it is just not like it. Start with simple, rhythmic, but not fast movements.

19. To be very persistent. If you try real hard and shove it in his friend as deeply as possible, it is not always pleasant — you may even get hurt. Everything in moderation, man!

20. To ejaculate too quickly. It is the fear of any bro. And rightly so. If there’s nothing you can do, think about a backup plan to your friend too have fun.

21. Not to commit for too long. It may seem strange to you, but if you don’t cum for an hour means good sex, then it is possible that the numbness of the vagina. In such a case, at least buy new curtains that she had something to entertain, yet you pose as a marathon runner.

22. To ask it finished. In fact, you yourself will be able to understand. But if you can’t install it is still better not to ask.

23. To engage in oral sex too gently. Don’t act like a giant cat, who had poured milk. Increase the speed, reduce the amplitude, concentrate on the clitoris.

24. Tipping her head. But we just don’t know how else to hint that she used her mouth — so I hope so she is simply no other way out. And women, as it turned out, hate that. Here for such antics, you actually can’t get out of bed. If you want to use your mouth, use your — tell her about it.

25. Do not warn her you’re coming. The taste of sperm is reminiscent of sea water mixed with egg white. Not everyone will like the stuff on the fan. So if you do oral sex, warn her that she was ready for it.

26. To move during orgasm. Then again, when you do oral sex, don’t make any frictions when they come. She will do everything herself. Just lie. And don’t grab her head.

27. To follow the experiences of pornofilmov. Porn women like when they are applied. In real life it only adds to the trouble: an urgent need to wash the thing.

28. Make her jump on yourself forever. To ask her to be above — normal. But to relax while she does all the work — this is not cool. Give it a rest.

29. To try to engage with her in anal sex and pretending it was an accident. So women begin to think you do not understand what and where to stick it. If you want to have anal sex first, talk about it. And don’t say, «Oh, I’m confused» or «Oh, I got drunk.»

30. Photography. When type asks: «Can you photograph?», she hears the continuation of the phrase: «…to show your dudes». Well, I would hesitate.

31. Not to be fancy. Here different ways: you can pour honey on her back and lick it, to indulge in fruits, vegetables, ice, or a feather. But hot wax is a no no.

32. Slap belly on her belly. No less erotic sound.

33. Try a silly one. If she wants to do in bed yoga, it kicks you, but only if she’s not a gymnast, do not ask her too much.

34. The look in her prostate. Note: if you stimulate the prostate in men, it’s nice. And women it is not there.

35. To put the hickeys. Yes, we all remember, it’s nice — when carefully and do not leave marks. But then to hide behind the scarves and collars — not the most interesting case. And even in the summer.

36. Send it like you give her commands. Don’t scream or sharp. Why?

37. Dirty talk. It’s like you’re old man and call the phone sex. If she wants dirty talk, you’ll hear from me.

38. Not to worry about how it will end. And who will take care of it? Do everything in your power and she will answer you the same.

39. To nail her to the bed. Men are usually heavier than women. Imagine what it’s like to be under someone’s weight and to turn blue.

40. To thank her. Never thank a woman had sex. Bedroom — this is not a dining room.

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