40 commandments of hypocrites

Zaradi.com.ua_21.11.2014_gT3H1u6b7XTAOEach of us meant it, ridiculing, or condemning what, anyway, has a place in our lives. And stupid to deny it. All we are proving their point of view, foaming at the mouth, but as soon as the situation doesn’t turn to the side and touches us has a living, it is this intransigence and intolerance? It is another feature of an imperfect person, and do not escape from it. An entire generation of hypocrites marching together from one century to another. But still our there are more chances to counter this plague: we are rebellious, more mobile, stimulating and compassionate. We, unlike any generation before us, are the product of technology and innovative progress, swimming in the vast waters of the available information.

So what kinds of questions we are most often confronted with the hypocrisy, watching him as to others, and to ourselves? We will try to answer today.

1. We want to meet new people but too lazy to expand the circle of acquaintances.

2. We want to take a more active part in public life, but not even pick up the phone.

3. We want to meet someone with whom we would have a lot in common, but we pursue our passions.

4. We complain that we never have enough money, but are a way of life on the principle of «Yolo» (You Only Live Once).

5. We wish we had more time to spend with the family, but never made great efforts to get home on time or to visit parents at the weekend.

6. We want to find a job of our dreams, but our pants in the office boxes» for the good salary and benefits package.

7. We complain about politics but never vote.

8. We complain about our bad relationship, but do nothing to rectify the situation.

9. We complain that can’t find a pure genuine feeling, but go on about the member at the first available opportunity.

10. We say that we will never become slaves of the system, but would have sold with giblets for $100 thousand or a million. Everyone has a price.

11. We talk about the importance of preserving the environment, but the only plant, whose fate we are concerned about is the weed.

12. We complain about global warming, but drink a gallon of water out of crappy plastic bottles.

13. We discuss the ass of Kim Kardashian, but subscribe to her Twitter.

14. We complain about the current generation of narcissistic idiots, but our phone is full of no less idiotic selfie.

15. We are talking about how unhealthy McDonald’s, but after Friday bohacek eat Breakfast there.

16. We eat disgusting sushi, but refuse to pay big money for a good in expensive restaurants.

17. We want to live in another city, but never anything to do.

18. We’re talking about the negative effects of pollution of the natural environment, but to recycle the waste above our dignity.

19. We condemn the labor laws in China, but go down half my salary buying unnecessary stuff on your favorite online shopping sites. «Made in China».

20. We complain that everywhere is Magnus..TS and make Piz..TS even more.

21. We don’t want to listen to our parents, but they still help with money and sometimes pay for our apartment. Or better yet, live with them under one roof.

22. We condemn the brutal effects of video games, but waiting in line for Grand Theft Auto V.

23. We are concerned about privacy, but we continue to look at bare Tits Lawrence.

24. We complain that nobody calls themselves don’t go anywhere, but always change or cancel your plans and arrangements.

25. We follow the hashtag #FirstWorldProblems, but never think about the horrible situation in third world countries.

26. We make loud provocative statuses, but never go to a rally.

27. We want fucking athletic body, but we’re squeezed to get off the couch and heading to the gym.

28. We want to be healthy, but never pay attention to what you eat or how you live.

29. We want to live in a clean house, but to remove scattered and multiplied apparently by budding dirty socks only son of Zeus.

30. We come to University to expand your horizons and knowledge, but we are the couple to plunk on the bench with his buddies.

31. We complain about the cost of things, but spend 700 roubles for guacamole.

32. We swear that will change your life when it’s three nights, but next time go even later.

33. We say that there is nothing to breathe because of the smog, but the bike we can’t afford. A taxi at the time.

34. We say we are going to read the forgotten works of the classics, but in the subway hitting birds on the pigs.

35. We describe the image of the ideal person and when you find what you were looking for, and soon find irreconcilable fault and recover again on the search.

36. On the website anonymous Dating we have no equal in wit and eloquence, but our tongue swells and sticks to the larynx when you want to meet beautiful girl on the street or in a cafe.

37. We support contemporary artists and musicians, but ignored the request at least about any sponsorship.

38. We scoff at the divorcees of both sexes, but shamelessly flirt with married ladies.

39. We want to have a perfect relationship, but throw nice girls for females, manipulative us and our eggs.

40. And last, we believe all of society is corrupt and hypocritical, while they themselves are such hypocrites.

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