4 worst way to respond when she says «I love you»

the boy hates the girlWhen a friend tells you he loves you, this is one of the most important moments in her life. Doesn’t even matter if you stay together after that for the next 60 years or quarrel in an hour adrenaline in her blood exceeds the limit, and the epic moment for a friend big.

Of course, if these words you hear from a friend, to which they have mutual feelings, you will not have problems. But if you don’t feel the same way, you will have to act very carefully. You cannot say «I love you too», if it is in fact not so: it will charge you the duty to be involved in unwanted relationships is a real disaster for any normal person. In order to cope with the situation, here’s 4 worst way to respond to such a question — of course you haven’t said anything at the crucial moment.

«I have a girlfriend». Of course, it’s easy to say and to introduce a sort of cheat, which before and did not say a word about the girl and then decided to say. After you hear a Declaration of love from the unloved friend, it will seem like the best way to dot the i. But it’s not. Both of you until the end of life will remember this moment, and there is no guarantee that she won’t want to cry after such a response. It’s better just to jump out the window — where ever you are.

«What do you mean?» If you start to fool around, it’ll just delay the case. You may think that your question will confuse her and she doesn’t want to explain — and everything will be as before, but no, man. Will not.

«Oh.» And she’ll feel stupid. Well done, very impressive.

«And I you… as a friend». For a couple of seconds you raise it to heaven and make you fall to the ground, depriving the slightest hope and nullifying the possibility of any relations between you. Disgusting.

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