4 ways to prepare delicious coffee

It used to be just poured a couple tablespoons of instant coffee smelled, chewed by rats give wheat, mixed with lump sugar, and pour boiling water — the energy boost provided. You are no espresso and mocha, these words do not know. Coffee is coffee and all. Some didn’t even know what he bean is. But now we have become more cultured, and drinking coffee has become a daily ritual with varying degrees of severity.

A good coffee drink to help the work health and taste buds. Bad coffee beverage helps to ruin the day. We can’t see how people drink instant powder, so I decided to write a small guide on ways of brewing coffee. Each method has its followers and its benefits, you can only pick one.

1. Old school: coffee Afipsky

Poradi.yak.ua_20.10.2016_gpPP8sr4GAr35Black coffee it is known that the grains of this plant was introduced in Arabia by the Ethiopians who were preparing coffee is absolutely crazy: crushed fresh beans mixed with animal fat and milk and make little balls of gooey and slippery mass. In the same way as drinking coffee during long desert crossings.

But if we talk about drinks, it, again, made easier than at present, not dried grains and berries, which then insisted in hot water. Out the broth, which looked a little like coffee, but they were not. However, if you want to feel the ancient Ethiopian, why not try. But a thousand years since the popularization of coffee in Arab countries, there are more pleasant and tasty ways of cooking.

2. Classics: Oriental coffee

By.kom.ua_20.10.2016_1LjOXYdkdT6hoThis method of brewing coffee is called Turkish because it was distributed in the territories of the former Ottoman Empire (half of the Mediterranean region and a large chunk of the Caucasus). And the name itself is of European origin, the Turks themselves did not call their tradition of brewing coffee. For them, the Oriental coffee is just regular coffee.

To make this a suitable drink, you have to grind coffee beans or have coffee finely. Also you need gatve (Turku) and the source of the fire. Previously, this coffee was prepared around the campfire, then began to cook on the sand. In principle, you can do at home to simulate the conditions of the coffee on the sand, but our Turkish friends have said that sand is a tribute to tradition, but cooking can be on anything, differences in the taste of inexperienced gourmet coffee will not notice.

If you like sugar with your coffee, you need to put the sugar on the bottom of the Turks at the beginning of cooking, mixing it with a small amount of water. When the sugar has become brown, you can fill coffee and water to bring the drink until tender. Readiness is not measured by the boiling and lifting the coffee foam. That is, if you want to make coffee quickly, but if you want to do as the Turks do in a lazy day — repeat the procedure with the coffee foam a few times. So when the foam goes down, you need to put jezve on the stove and repeat the process. Coffee is served with a glass of cold water, and drink only when the coffee the foam will settle to the bottom.

3. A French press coffee maker: quick coffee

Paradis.com.ua_20.10.2016_d80hkuIjsnvchThe French press is the invention of the Italian, but by coincidence, all the credit was taken by the French, because they were the first to put a piston coffee maker in mass production. Device coffee makers to madness primitive, but it does its job, although coffee lovers prefer her other ways. And even this simple device requires a professional approach, if you want to get a good taste. Therefore, in addition to water, coffee and a French press, you also need a measuring glass and a stopwatch.

Unlike Turkish coffee for a French press should be coarsely ground. The French press before brewing you need to warm up to subsequently, the welding was evenly. It is simple: fill the French press with hot water and then poured it. And then you can throw 3-4 teaspoons of coffee to pour a bunch of boiling water and stir. Leave in this condition coffee for 30 seconds and then pour all the water in an amount of 200 ml and set the timer for 5 minutes 30 seconds. In fact, some varieties of coffee are brewed longer, some less, but the basic principle remains the same. Ideally, the Cup should be warm before feeding (using boiling water), but we already carp.

4. Italian tradition of coffee in Naples

manygoodtips.com_20.10.2016_fyJCCVe9nnuHnIf the Ottoman Empire was glorified coffee beans in the middle East and North Africa, in Europe this was done by the grandmother Italy, where the drink of the coffee beverage has become a national cult to the XVII century. First we created the coffee pot with double filter, which combines the principle of infusion of coffee (Venice) and the coffee brewing (Turkey). The coffee pot was named cuccumella and immediately became a symbol of Italian taste.

Later the design was improved and today we can purchase a coffee hot spring type. It was invented by Alfonso Bialetti in 1933. You know what they call this coffee maker, but if not, recall — Moka. She is listed in the Guinness book of records as the world’s most famous coffee pot. Her feature — easy to prepare and taste that is hard to distinguish from the restaurant. The manufacturer has adopted the slogan «espresso at home is the same as in the café», and that says a lot.

Geyser coffee maker should be made of stainless steel, because long-term use may deform the engineering of the espresso machine, which is made from normal steel, so your coffee will come out disgusting. Therefore, we take only tested and good company, where attention is paid to: the convenience, longevity, quality of materials and volume, because we drink a lot. A great example is the hot coffee maker for 12(!) cups from Fissman.

To make a coffee hot spring type, you need quite a bit: pour the water into the lower reservoir and covered with a water filter, which serves as a container for coffee, at the rate of 9-12 grams per Cup. Tighten the lid and put on slow fire. When starts boiling, the water will fill the upper part of the coffee maker, where it will turn into a lovely drink. Nothing complicated.

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