4 ways to get out of the friend zone

Yak, witi z the friend zone

So, you like her. You want to step up and finally start a relationship with her. We need to build a bridge, right? You spend all your free time thinking about her. You behave gentlemanly. Are you ready for one wave of the finger to rush her across town. Of course, she has to choose you, right? Not necessarily, dude, that’s where the crux of the matter. But there is hope. You can take a few steps, so she finally stripped my eyes and saw next to you. Here are four tips on how to make her his girlfriend, and they are very useful.

Apart. If you have a crush on the popular girl, she certainly has masses of options: all you want and all want to be with her. You have to manage somehow to separate themselves from the pack of wolves, scratching the doors. How to do it? Just different. Most of the guys are starting to crumble in the standard compliments, because you think women want to hear. She knows that she is attractive. Spend more time to get to know her better: her thoughts, ideas, even political views. Show that treat her like a person, not as a beautiful accessory, and she’ll begin to think about the long term relationship earlier than you had planned. And so, after all this is still not forget to mention how good it is.

Play by its rules. If you want this girl you met, God forbid you from the most common in the world of men’s mistakes: do not to press her. No need to constantly hang around her. Don’t need to convince her to climb out of the skin. Be yourself: you are so beautiful. Just give her reasons to be around you… without formulating them as proper reasons. Relationships rarely develop through coercion. They are created naturally. So be natural.

Remember the little things. If her favorite flowers are purple tulips, which give her roses? If she loves chocolate chip cookies, don’t forget to buy it. This demonstrates your attention to it. Even during a conversation Oluchi moment and ask her about some details that you might not notice. It’s okay to call her for dinner and expensive dates, but most women just appreciate the attention. They want to know what is important to us. The best way to show attention — remember the little things

Don’t be so available. Not be available? By this time you had received advice that is not particularly distinguished you from the dog. And this glad just all cement. Everything you’ve heard so far, can lead you in two paths. You can become her friend: because friends already know all about her stuff and can carry on a conversation about politics and give her compliments. What they don’t have is distance. For friends to always be close. Be yourself when you’re with her, but give her brain to fix it, sometimes staying far away. She will start to appreciate the time with you and will miss you. And so she starts to see you as a man, not as a friend.

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