4 ways technology could destroy our life

Many today love to talk about technology, saying that technology is. «Technology — sucks» — I think, and then the rest of the day staring at the monitor and writing lyrics. Yes, light is the idea. After all, computers run the world, our communication, production and even our publication you are now reading also with the help of technology. Technology has given us a lot — but isn’t that for us? Just think, how many hours a day do you stare at a screen: computer, smartphone, TV. And as this time increases, when you are 80? What is long term? These questions are answered in one single column entertainment website — maybe humanity has somehow come to a understanding all of this in 30 years — who knows? The future today, and the technology already affects us — and in such areas where you can’t expect.

Physical evolution

Our body — a product of the environment, and throughout history we have adapted to changes in environmental conditions. According to the study, conducted by Alloy Media in 2009, students spend an average of 12 hours a day in front of electronic devices (computer, TV, player, phone, games console). One day it must inevitably affect our bodies. For example, today, texting is the most popular form of communication between people, so maybe our thumbs odsinada to us it was easier to text on the cell phone. Or our eyes will begin to see the world as if we are looking through a filter on instagram. Don’t know what will happen with the human body in the future, but I suspect that we will become lower and thicker, with long thumbs, the ears can hear sounds only if they pass through the Dre Beats or some other headphones.

Social anxiety

In today’s world, information circulates so fast that we barely have time to concentrate on it. We are almost unable to focus on one thing. Technology allows us to be isolated from society and thus gives us the illusion of social interaction. We can spend all day not to leave the house and endlessly to communicate with many people. Our five children are growing up on Angry Birds, and one of the most severe punishments for them — not let them play in it. What happens 20? It is terrible to imagine. Technology is so rapidly becoming a commonplace: for example, smartphones, which were conceived as a status thing, have become commonplace. I can’t go anywhere, without seeing the road in Google Maps — although I understand that it is unhealthy.

The longevity of the product

It would seem that with the progress technology products should be more durable, right? No! In developed countries, the technique lives on average no longer than two years. For example, mobile phones on Android quickly sit down and batteries are perishable, so you need to buy a new one. And constant updates of everything that necessarily breaks down, and in the end you just need a new phone. And as always. This is really one of the most important world problems, not laugh. I hate myself for saying this, but it is.


It’s very, very pessimistic column. Here we have talked that people will become uglier, that we lose the ability to communicate with each other and we become obsessed with how to further upgrade its industrial Park. And it is so be it. The matter is complicated by the fact that the companies producing all these electronic gizmos, unprofitable to produce really durable stuff. Why? Face it, they care not about you and about where to go to rest with your estrellato family. So they need to see you more often bought their products so you have something broke and you bought it again. And you’re going to buy for where to go from this?

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