4 useful skills for smart

The world knows many businessmen who could be called smart, too smart, straight a genius. But where, then, taken outright fools who rake it in spades without even reading the usual primer? These guys we often see in our country: finish high school, score on the Institute for self-development and start a business. And hell, it is profitable! Accident, act of God, a Pact with the devil or just a monstrous universal injustice? Maybe all at once.

But manygoodtips.com conducted a secret investigation, has unearthed a lot of graves of famous entrepreneurs, rummaged in the tax returns of modern oligarchs, followed by the wives of the magnates and, finally, woke up from a paranoid dream. Eyes were opened and we realized one important thing. If you want to be rich, do not have to be a man with the highest IQ in the galaxy. But without development on the emotional front, you will fail. Understand? No? Then we give examples that you know how successful people (as if we are not sick of this phrase).

1. Able to control emotions

Here it is in the consciousness. It is necessary to understand their emotions, where they come from and how to handle them. High intelligence does not guarantee assistance in the issue of control, and the businessman is really important. Largely successful business took place through a series of UPS and downs. And if you can’t cope with the fall, again to rise to his feet in an emotional sense, you’ll always be on the bottom.

And if you successfully cope with control of your own emotions, you will certainly be better able to control the emotions of others. And here it is a favor, here it is the domination!

2. Know how to guide the emotions

If you control emotions, you can move on to a new level. You need to learn to channel emotions. A businessman must know how to manage your own expectations, mood swings, perception. Flexibility in this respect – the key to success. If you can use your positive emotions, then, from the point of view of competition, you can rise above your rivals.

3. Understand the emotions of others

In General, to understand people, we must be able to read between the lines. This, at first glance, is not easy, because others often do not speak about what they have in mind. A businessman needs to know about all the people back. So you should be extremely quickly and correctly to navigate other people’s emotions, to interpret them correctly. Moreover, it is necessary to understand not only the emotions of colleagues, but also the emotion of whole layers of society. If you understand this, then learn to say what people want to hear, thereby benefiting.

4. Know how to manage the emotions of others

There is a «Forbes» magazine, and there happens to be goes interesting material. As we read the text of the psychologist Daniel Kahneman, and he said, quite simple, but the overarching thing we all guessed. In General, people prefer to do business with the person who you trust and love, even if other provides the best product at the best price.

Trust is a precious and rare thing in the Arsenal of any businessman. The free market is, in our opinion, rests on this thing. Of course, we’re talking about successful projects. How to receive a portion of trust from the modern angry people? Quite a complex question without a clear answer. Over them beat the best and worst minds in the country. Here must be mounted on each other, whole layers of psychology, but you can always limit the ability to control emotions. Clients, colleagues, consumers – they all have to feel your inner power and emotional strength.

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