4 unforgettable advice for a great memory

Work.com.ua_12.05.2014_dQFQxrUQj9O4sWith hard work, not only extract fish from the pond, but strong muscles, and a high salary, and good memory. Patience and a little effort and turn a guy with a maiden in the retentive memory of the man who does not need a notebook.

1. Forget everything you studied

The standard way of memorizing anything? To memorize it. To repeat the same words again and again. Imagine that back to school (Oh no, not that) and you have to tell the poem from the Board. Forgot one line — so screwed up. Should someone tell you the word and you carry on without hesitation, and this means that the row previously was at your brain. Instead of cramming, visualize. Now imagine your office, your apartment, your way to work — it’s amazing how many parts fit in your head! Make them work for you. When trying to remember something, go around the room and, stopping to notice a specific item that you associate with a certain word. To remember learned, repeat mentally the path and you’ll be able to resurrect himself in the head all you need to remember.

2. Names and faces

To memorize someone else’s face, you need when learning to find in it something ugly: big nose, a unibrow, warts, scar is the first thing that jumps out at you. This will be your clue. The face can be read any information. For example, a man named John (just like me) to join him in my head with any other known to you Dmitry, though with Medvedev. For example, Dmitry is very skinny (well, again, like me). Imagine that Medvedev is able to lift it with one hand and even tie in a knot. May this movie will replay in your mind — and next time, you will instantly remember him at the sight of the very Dmitry.

3. Quotes and poems

To memorize a poem, you need to group phrases, to imagine the images and you do it all pacing around the apartment — that is, to combine the two first methods. Suppose you learn a poem, which begins with the words «frost and sun — day wonderful». These lines stand in front of the window, look out and compare the meaning of the line. The same? Great! And remember. Not the same? Great! A mismatch will make you remember the string, because some narrow-minded people recognized the heat of summer frost. Next step — «Still you doze, the friend charming». Look at the sofa — there’s someone in there? If so, well, so and remember. If not, it’s for the best — continue a number of inconsistencies, which is your memory.

4. Numbers and maps

The number is a very abstract concept. Abstract bad fit in the head. To remember the numbers you need to turn them into pictures — of course, in your imagination. For example, 11 can be represented as AA — the first two letters of the alphabet and the initials of Andre Agassi. 24 — BG Boris Grebenshchikov. Association with numbers should not be too difficult. A parallel can be drawn with the numbers of your favorite players, the number of the apartment of your friends or grandmother or invent with them the whole story. I want to go to the next level? Then make it up. For example, 241945 — it’s Boris Grebenshchikov, who was the Great Patriotic war. Idiocy? What! But the method works.

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