4 traits that girls like me

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We already told you about the 4 steps that girls secretly hate men, now came the turn to talk about character traits that are popular with the girls.

1. Confidence

Do not confuse confidence with cockiness. When you want to attract a girl’s attention, his svergnutomu you can cause her irritation. Be relaxed, moderately persistent and, of course, polite.

2. Humor

It is very important to have a good sense of humor, and it helps to overcome various difficulties, and in a relationship with a woman can be very useful. Perhaps there are people who don’t like to laugh? Certainly not the women. When a girl smiles at your stuff, know you are on the right track. But remember that jokes are not always and everywhere can be appropriate.

3. Ambitions

There is nothing worse in the eyes of a woman, than a man who has no aspirations of his life. The man, who has a goal, no matter what field, as a rule, more passionate and therefore has more chances of success.

4. Neatness

Girls always notice when a guy is well groomed. This does not mean that you necessarily have to be a metrosexual, always take care of the tan, haircuts, etc. (if you’re too fixated on his appearance, it is, rather, not like girls). But to walk in clean clothes, with clean nails and not to exude the smell of three-day sweat — will help to win the girl.

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