4 things to keep in mind in dispute

how to argue

It was the case: once we already gave you advice on how to talk about politics. But then we thought again and came to the conclusion that it would be nice to tell about the culture the dispute is not even about culture, but about simple rules, doing that you will be more pleasant debater. Surprising: in the XXI century, and we still haven’t learned to talk to each other in a way that is efficient and pleasant. So go for it!

1. In favor of any point of view you can find valid arguments

This somehow did not think. Whether it is not accepted, then people just even thought this is not allowed. Probably if a person adheres to some point of view, he had on the topic was thinking and could argue their position. You’re not the one can support his point of view of logical arguments: all people argue on the same principle. Of course, you genuinely don’t understand how you can not agree: you’re perfect all through. But just as said, and your opponent.

2. Do not have to have an opinion on any issue

Imagine this scene: you’re gathered with friends and started to talk about one of the stupid questions that have no clear answer. Whether to legalize marijuana? We should allow the possession of weapons? Maybe same-sex marriage? In General, all these themes are countless. And they have already grabbed in dispute and furiously something argue with each other. And expect you to join. And so historically, you don’t care. Well, spit and all. Interesting. Thought. Don’t know anything about the subject. Maybe you have an opinion on this matter, but you don’t want to say it for the thousandth time and listen to those eternal arguments that is always in your opponents. Just keep silent. Don’t need to prove anything to anyone, if you have nothing to say. This is not your debt.

3. Nobody will change the opinion if it is to yell

In a dispute we often lose self — control and understand that it is bad, but for some reason at some point can’t stop and become personal. This behavior is unacceptable for men. After all, you’re not going to convince anyone. Anyway, if to look truth in the face, you’re generally unlikely anyone will convince us that this debate is happening almost never. Moreover, a recent study of the University of Georgia showed that people are generally reluctant to change an opinion: students who participated in the experiment, were not considered even with the correct information written in the book, if it didn’t fit their concept. Food for thought: even if the book is not able to convince, will there cry?

4. We are all only human

Even if your opinion in something does not converge and you have the faith to convince each other — well, forget it. The sooner you do, the better. In the end, our identity is not defined by a single opinion on any issue. People — being more difficult, and the identity consists of many different factors. Talk about your plans for the weekend, discuss TV shows, books — there are plenty of less controversial topics. We’re only human, we don’t always have to be right.

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