4 stories about survival in conditions of unbearable cold

Outside the window the gray snow, nature, happy is the coming New Year under the snow — icy to spring shit. Autumn and already cold and I want to play «Skyrim», warm up with mulled wine and read something winter. Because read anything about the summer — to go mad from boredom. So we decided to offer you a choice of 4 literary masterpiece about survival in conditions of unbearable cold. It’s better than «Survived».

1. «Love of life» Jack London


1896, the Gold rush, when thousands of beggars went to pan for gold in the cold expanses of North America. Conditions still not tamed the States bordering on the primitive, the gold was not everywhere, but if anyone managed to pan out in the icy rivers several Golden grains of sand, it is barely enough for the return journey.

Gold rush decided to keep the tradition of death of a person in metal who is killed in the wild, someone picked up an incurable disease, and killed someone brutalized colleagues.

All the delights and nightmares of a life of a gold miner London knew firsthand. In 1897 he and his work buddies also went to Alaska. At first Jack with his friends luck is ahead of many other gold miners, they were able to get to the upper reaches of the Yukon river to stake a claim. But gold it was not, and, to top it off, during the winter London fell ill with scurvy. But he brought with him experience and an idea for a story.

Two gold digger go back to the place where they have hidden things and food — everything you need for life. They ran out of food, they are exhausted and exhausted, and to go very far. One of your friends misfortune — he was limping, and each step is given to him with severe pain. He calls a friend, but his desperate cry, «bill, bill!» remains unanswered. Bill left him. And unfortunate we have to Wade through the canadian tundra and ice desert to civilization. It would seem easier to give up and die, but that’s too easy. Exhaustion and trauma had not yet decided.

In London been able to write instructive works, a good language, not at the expense of naturalism and truthfulness. Features incredibly accurate, without unnecessary prettiness, simple easy to understand words and expressions has its author. The moments in which the main character has to eat questionable roots, raw fish and crawl in the February cold, hoping only for a miracle, memorable and impressive is much stronger than the colorful frames of the film «Survivors».

2. «Into the wild» Jon Krakauer


We thought long and hard whether to include this work is a compilation or not, because the main character, alas, miserably died in the icy cunning of Alaska. But on the other hand, the basis of this novel even more real than in the history of London. The fact that the story is based on diaries and letters of Christopher McCandless — a student who for two years traveled the U.S. and Mexico. He left all his property, gave accumulated during study 24 thousand dollars to charity, and slave boyish, underwent a Tolstoyan renunciation of wealth, to call the world to harmony with nature. But AK thought otherwise: she didn’t like students, conspicuous consumer, who, under the impression of various substances and false philosophies have these demarches against prosperity.

This is a story about a desperate guy trying to survive in the struggle with the disease and slow the depletion, in which we learn about the reasons for the guy to go to Alaska, about his strained relationship with his parents, and about how nasty bugs can lead a person perfectionism and a number of logical errors. Another reminder to all wrestlers with a civilization that passion itself is not enough to cope with the elements.

3. «Seventy-two degrees below zero,» Vladimir Sanin


Now is the time to leave the damn uncharitable Alaska and move to an even more ruthless Antarctica. But let’s look on the southernmost continent through the eyes of compatriots, especially since the authors from a country where -20 is a normal winter temperature, and the precipitation of snowfall above 30 mm do not declare an emergency situation, know how to write about the severity and hardships of survival in the cold is no worse and maybe even better than their Western colleagues.

Particularly among them is the main wastewater valiant heroic labor of Soviet polar explorers Vladimir Sanin. Of course, it was with a light heart to recommend «Land on top» and «Newbie in the Antarctic», the more that Sanin in any book didn’t lie, and he participated in expeditions to the Arctic and Antarctic. But the «72 degrees» anyway in an endless series of Soviet polar literature is a special case.

There’s not a gram of adoraci to the regime, from the Soviet there is only the station names and nationality of the main characters. There were, of course, without loyalty, duty, patriotism, but the overall impression it did not spoil. Because when hundreds of miles around no one to help, you burn nutrition, breaks down the Rover, and you’re facing a cold death cool (only minus 71) desert, there is not to nationality. So it’s not just a story about volunteers that carry the unprepared fuel to the station in the polar autumn. It is instructive novel about people who, despite their quirks and inhuman conditions, manage not to forget that such a duty.

We Express our deep gratitude to the author who managed to recreate so vividly dramatic picture of polar work. Still — written, that is, with nature, with people, with whom we had side by side a lot of time.

4. «The Terror» By Dan Simmons


Add a little horror to the already interesting list. Moreover, it is not at all impossible to correctly pour a pinch of horror in a historical novel based on real events.

So, in 1845, an expedition under the command of an experienced Arctic Explorer sir John Franklin indeed went on the ships «Terror» and «Erebus» to the North coast of Canada in search of a Northwest passage from the Atlantic to the Pacific. Only here the mariners had no luck — both ships disappeared. They were looking for a few years, and even dare to push the disappearance of unpreparedness for the harsh conditions and cannibalism, but Dan Simmons decided that killed the explorers not ice, not cold with a Blizzard and not spoiled canned food and unknown gigantic monster made from the snow and gloom.

But one thing — the story, another author’s part Simmons. This bastard makes the reader literally skin feel the brutal Arctic cold, hear the crackle of ice and binds to experience all those unpleasant feelings that you experience a desperate, frozen explorers who suffer from scurvy, chewing on strips of skin and dragging a frostbitten limb. And then there’s some unknown frosty the creature has been a — without experience and admiration mixed with horror, these 800 pages to read. You may even vomit after a beautifully described moment when the sailor grabs with his bare hand for a bayonet, and leaves the icy metal flap firmly frozen skin. You should give credit: curious detail described not only naturalistic, but the real historical nuances that have taken place in expeditions of the nineteenth century.

Impression after reading — wild. After watching Something or reading the novel king. Everything you need to lure the reader are: drama, vivid characters, their development and rigorous description of the terrible conditions, mixed with organic horror. What else do you need?

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