4 simple steps to dealing with discouragement

Paradi.com.ua_13.08.2014_ZeUCr6k2duELKSuch periods happen at all. Black patch with a friend or she’s really gone. The work, lost enthusiasm, and you are no longer a rock star in his home office. It seems that friend is not a friend. Nobody understands and can’t help.

Often life throws a lemon at you and it makes your existence unbearable and you choke with citric acid. Don’t let this pull you down. You don’t even need a sea of tips and a ton of motivational books to normalizovat his life. Here are four simple steps that will help you get over disappointments:

1. Let go of the pain

You can get depressed, to cry from emotional pain, to cry all the tears, but this period of despair should not last more than three days. Otherwise, you’ll get used to this oppressive feeling of desolation and soon you will start to like it.

It is not strange, but it’s okay to feel like a waste of a life. You don’t have to be strong. Right now in your life there is no room for positive. You need to throw out all the sadness, anger, pain and disappointment. Get rid of that. Now you have a new life. At least until you look like a jerk.

2. Find support

Still suffer? Now your heart is probably empty and it mechitsya dusty tumbleweed. You urgently need support, which includes encouraging Pat on the shoulder. No one else is around? Hug your pet or your pillow. Yes, sometimes there are moments when you look like a woman, who has PMS.

You’re really pathetic, but nothing can be done and it happens. In the end, you don’t need any advice at the moment. Don’t try to solve anything. Just find the Comforter in someone’s face and you will be much better.

3. Clear your mind

Go for a walk. Look at nature. Realize that you’re acting as the chief representative of TP, pack the clothes and go to travel. Not very far, at least to the nearest water Park. You need a release of emotions. Free yourself from unwanted thoughts and allow yourself to breathe, relax and calm down. All you need is time. Let him solve everything for you.

Remember that no one is to blame. So no need to judge anyone, especially yourself.

4. The solution to the problem

Feel better already? It’s time to clarify. This is important because if you are not able to learn from their mistakes, they may soon be back like a boomerang and will keep coming back to you again and again. And you do not need such luck.

We know you all too lazy to do this and easier to let things slide. But, believe me, better do as we say and take a pencil and any available paper.

Now write down your feelings. The purpose of these records is to have a fresh look at the whole picture.

You have to figure out:

  • What made you feel frustrated?
  • What did you expect?
  • Why it didn’t work?
  • Is it as bad as you think?
  • What can you do to fix it?
  • Prove step by step everything you need to do.

If you think that there are ways to solve problems, begin to act immediately. If you decide to do nothing and think it’s better you will perform this work time, you’ll promise yourself to be vigilant and to choose a different approach next time.

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