4 signs that she is cheating on you

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Of course, most of us don’t like to think about it, but what if she’s cheating on you? How to recognize that your girlfriend is seeing someone else who, perhaps, could soon penalize you with a warm and familiar place? Here are four sure sign that she’s lying to you:

1. Her behavior in the bedroom

You know the libido of the girl, so if you notice big change is alarming. She suddenly lost interest in sex? Is log and studying the ceiling, and until recently she didn’t let you sleep? Watch for signs of boredom, especially in situations that previously turned her on.

2. She became more sexy look

While in sex, she became boring, you suddenly noticed that her appearance was much sexier, it was different dress and hair, spends more time in front of the mirror than usual. And the main symptom would be that changing its image, she’s not even talking to you, as if they didn’t do it for you.

3. Excessive justification

You asked her a perfectly innocent question, and she has built a wall of defense and excuses in response. Or, on the contrary, she refuses to answer questions, if it is the wrong answer betray a terrible secret.

4. Busy schedule

She suddenly began to stay at work or to meet friends as often as usual. Anyway, so she tells you, each time inventing some kind of story about why today she needs to meet with Masha and sit with her until late, and why the next week it will have some reports at work.

Of course, women are mysterious, and their behavior changes may not always mean something bad, but most often these signs indicate that your friend is not honest with you. In General, watch the behavior of his girlfriend.

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