4 sex device, which will be appreciated by your friend


Like many things in our oversaturated everyone society, sex becomes boring in time. The flame of love was almost extinct, and has to resort to additional means. Do not be shy, because they make sense to a new level. This is the case when the third is not superfluous. Most of them, of course, directed at the girl, not surprisingly, because it in sexual terms is always difficult. And, I agree, for any man excited and satisfied woman is the best stimulus.

Prolonging spray


I guess everyone has a friend who in a drunken civil men’s revelation begins with foam at a mouth to prove that without contraceptive love joy short. Well, do not stand a stallion too close contact, whereas in «the gum», as we know, not the same feeling. And do not argue, because it’s really not: contact must be complete, sensitive and preferably longer than 5 minutes. That’s what wise people have come up with spray-prolongator: just a couple of zilch, and you can arrange the hours of the marathon as possible. The spray does not discourages, just makes the most savory places your most savory places less sensitive. So, an exclusively male tool, because even such a thing as the duration of the act rests on our shoulders severe.

That was not about fear and doubt, just a warning: the spray is water based with natural ingredients and dermatologist tested, so no redness and infections even theoretically can not be.

Sex machine


We’re talking about things that can make your relationship something new. But some fruits of engineering may seem too unconventional for traditional love. But don’t be such a Downer, man. This sex machine is designed by the devil himself in order to seduce the angels. Maybe externally it looks simple, but during sex it reveals new horizons. Don’t get us wrong, but this girl is capable to amaze not only your girlfriend but you, and when both are well, and feeling somewhat spicy. Many people mistakenly think that the sex machine is when a guy lies there and looks at how entertained his girlfriend, which is totally wrong. It is possible to simulate a Threesome, to stimulate themselves the most vicious images and just to make your sexual life much more interesting. Unleash your imagination, and it will support all your initiatives.

By the way, this is the first portable inflatable sex machine that gives a tangible advantage to the convenience.



Have this device with a single purpose – to please and delight. A miracle of engineering technology, is at the service of love. In the truest sense of the word, no puns and banter, but this machine is capable of working 24 hours a day without stopping and giving away the thrills on an industrial scale.

In the device 18 stimulation modes, and what is most striking: the new modes can be downloaded via the Internet. This is truly ubiquitous technology. Also this software allows you to create your own personal elektrosetey. Technique is so perfect that is guaranteed not to cause discomfort. And thanks to the audio modes Full Stereo stimulation would be quite so wonderful. Sound after all is itself a source of pleasure, and while pulses excite intimate places – the music excites the ears. No matter what: simply the anarchist punk rock, classical, Tatiana Bulanova or saxophone from erotic movies REN TV» – playlist can make his own out of all that like.

The most important advantage of this pacemaker is that it helps to achieve persistent vaginal and anal orgasms, and not just literally, as most devices of this type. Let the outside he looks rough, like an ammeter or a radio, but inside lies a Arsenal fondling your girlfriend in gratitude to be ready for anything.

Smart vibrator


Well, where do without vibrators – proven sexual stimulation scepters, swords pleasure. However, the conventional vibrating – it’s boring and trite. Today, even very young people know how to use them. Whether you are dealing with an adult man whom nothing can surprise. But someone very smart decided that even sex should be high-tech, and came up with the bustline Flamingo Magic Motionthat is powered by a smartphone app. The application is available multiple functions: voice control vibration; music inside, when the vibrator operates to the beat of her favorite tunes; Kegel exercises, which, incidentally, is very useful for health; the possibility of remote control from anywhere in the world. So, if anything, you can please your lover at a distance.

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