4 scientific truths that will shatter your world

Science is a fickle one. Sometimes she indulges our desires, at other times she turns the world on its head. Especially sensitive to the analysis from a scientific point of view, the best vices of our life: drinking, sex, chocolate and other things.

manygoodtips.com decided to once again remind you that life is not a toy, and delusions always come back to bite us. Therefore, these errors we destroy.

1. Red wine is not the best choice for your heart

We won’t tell you that drinking alcohol is bad because it is wrong, drinking is always nice and fun if you know how to do it. But it annoys us that for many years the media have reported that red wine is part of a healthy diet. The resveratrol that is included in red wine, called the element, which can prevent heart disease and reduce the possibility of stroke.

But its effect is very inflated. This was proven 16-year-old study conducted in one of the wine regions of Italy, in which scientists concluded that the levels of resveratrol in no way respond to the human health. And still need to be very lucky bastard to thanks to the glass of red you could prevent heart disease.

So, if you want to drink, do not hide behind the fact that just care about your health.

2. Dark chocolate is also not useful thing

Lovers of dark chocolate often quite smug guys. They can talk about «real chocolate», and also to laugh at those who like conventional dairy tiles as some kids.

At this time we are talking about a substance such as flavonol. This is another panacea from the point of view of fans of dark chocolate. He allegedly improves memory and prevents heart disease. Well, we believe it, but you know what the taste of this substance? Something like the contents of your dumpster. Besides, in the process of making chocolate, flavonol almost completely destroyed. Instead, it appears the usual us fat and sugar.

Now about the research of the usefulness of chocolate. If you’re not stupid, you should understand that they are conducted through the financing of various «candy» corporations such as Mars. So be realistic and understand the rules of the game. He who pays the Piper calls the tune. In this case, the research is funded by you-know-who.

3. Sex is not a drill

Although some magazines will continue you to drive that sex you strengthen your physical performance. However, don’t panic. Sex is still what to do a lot of things. However, sex myths still annoying. You must have heard from someone that the sex is almost the same as to go to the gym.

Medicine says about the other. In the most optimistic sources say about burning 100-300 calories per session, and some doctors say that actually burns a measly 21 calories.

For comparison, you burn approximately 7 calories, when you watch replays of «breaking bad». Although you can increase this value up to 14 calories, if while watching you selflessly to masturbate.

So, if you want something there to burn through sex, you have to deal with them all day. But we recommend you not to use sex as an excuse to skip the gym.

4. Dreaming is not bad

We have deprived you of the pleasures of wine, sex and chocolate. So you want to go back to a previous state of ignorant bliss. You close your eyes and imagine that take the form of underwater monster Cthulhu and had trampled you hate hacks. But what if we tell you that the presentation of future success has a negative impact on your mental state?

The study made clear that people spend almost half my waking hours thinking about something else, about what they do.

As a rule, we are or in the past or in the future. The past leads to regret, and the future – fear of the unknown: if next week my house will climb angry bear? The thought is a powerful tool that serious affects us.

The more our minds daydream, the less we are happy in the current situation. The researchers found that people often dream at work: «I want to read manygoodtips.com instead of writing these gloomy reports!»

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