4 reasons why professional sports suck

professional sports

I understand that this post will entail a lot of discontent in the spirit of «the author is a moron», comments on the case and doing so will make a small disclaimer.

1. I’m not a hipster, not gay, not a nerd, not a geek and not someone else. So before going to write comments like that, you know, man: I’m exactly the same bro, just like you. Well, maybe not quite the same but I want you to admit that I’m bro and I have absolutely no close interest in professional sports.

2. I have nothing against sport as such. I’m not that log: ride bikes, play basketball, run in the mornings, when I’m not too lazy to get up (today was just lazy). I keep myself in shape and enjoy physical activity. I’m just against this artificial hype around professional sports, which cripples and serves as a means for making money.

So let’s tap on the blue icon at the bottom of kakahi, if you don’t agree, but here’s four reasons why I think crap professional sports.

1. Game tight

So human life is shorter than the one-sixteenth final, one-eighth, quarter finals, semifinals… That’s just absurd. Games last for several hours. And I for fun is easier to watch a 30-second video on YouTube — and so do many of us. Deliberately delaying the game in order to meet the expectations of modern society. The longer games means more time for advertising, the more expensive the tickets, the uglier and more expensive the merch. Standard schedule season playoffs gluttonous, this is a legacy model which is designed for squeezing the maximum amount of money from the fans.

2. If you think about it, you realize: in fact, at stake is not worth anything

Drama and interest. We like stories about people who overcame obstacles whose actions had serious consequences, but in the end everything worked out. We go to school and work to achieve results that can change our lives. Watch as the multimillionaire playing a game that has no effect on the outside world — it’s just kind of nonsense.

«Wow, «Barcelona» has beaten «real» wow!» What is «wow», I don’t understand? Admit it takes willpower, determination and perseverance to achieve something in the sport. It’s really a challenge when you play with another team and fighting for victory, it’s a drive. Well, the first couple of seasons. Sadly, the story becomes less interesting when it is repeated thousands of times over many decades. Want to make it interesting? Raise the bet.

Here in Ancient Rome was different. Perhaps the game would be much more interesting to watch, if in case you lose the team sterilized or something like that. I do not propose to do so, just for an example.

3. Because people have become stupid fans

I remember I was in a class of obnoxious: a typical nerd with the parted in the middle, who liked to discuss football matches. «You saw the game? Damn, cool we wiped ‘ em out, huh?»

We didn’t do anything. A bunch of diligent dudes, Yes, but you sat on your ass in front of the TV and watched these guys, exhausted, running on the field. That’s the problem with professional sports, thanks to him, there are idiotic fans who tried to play this game, but love to talk about it. Fuck them all! There were also experts.

Or even the kind of fans: they can send in the intensive care unit of the father of two children, the usual Kuzmich, if he’s wearing the scarf the wrong color. This is rare, often aggressive fans just beat each other, and then me personally no pity. But when idiots attack innocent people, this is already in any gate. I once watched beefy and pot-bellied (well, you know, some were drugged, others pot-bellied) tattooed fans of one team attacked fans of the other skinny students who were just yelling chants and pulled into the air her thin arms. Idiots. Idiots. It should not exist.

4. Watch sports games incredibly boring

This is an obvious and extremely simple thing. Active participation in a hundred times more interesting than passive contemplation. What to you sounds more exciting: to climb a mountain or watch as someone climbs the mountain? Physical activity just does not look very attractive. It needs to be addressed.

Anyway, to watch how someone does something is much less interesting than doing it yourself.

Interesting. Let’s take this popular phrase, which is so often said about sports: «Let’s make this interesting.» We all spoke and thought about it. Without the personal involvement of sport cannot be interesting. So each person that reads this article has ever played or dreamed of playing at least one team or the other. The personal contribution. You know what’s interesting? TV. Its so fun to watch.

I know many don’t like what is written here is when you say that there is no Santa Claus. From birth we are taught that sport is interesting, it deserves attention that if you’re watching a sports match, it makes you normal. And it’s all bullshit. Want to enjoy sports? Go outside, pick up the damn ball and have fun with your friends. It is much more clear and logical than to drink beer and stare at the screen at how a bunch of dudes takes away from each other the ball.

So, I’m open to discussion. Want to discuss it — write in comments. Don’t keep it inside, man.

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