4 reasons to get rid of the belly

My father, as I remember it, has always been tubby, and lovingly called my belly «labor corn». Sometimes he experimented and called him «a bundle of nerves» — apparently, when you exert yourself. In short, call your stomach as you want, this fact does not change: the belly you should not be. Even if almost all the extra weight in your body, you have concentrated on the belly, and the rest you can say, taut, belly could still be for you a source of serious health problems. It even affects what you thought.

Doctors call the fat on the belly smart the word «visceral» is, incidentally, a particularly threatening type of fat that is located deep under the muscle tissue in the abdominal cavity and surrounds are in it organs. Women are luckier: they have excess begins to be deposited on the hips, and we, unhappy, immediately sent to the stomach.

Here’s four reasons to dump the offending stomach.

1. Heart

Measure the volume of his waist. Man is not the case, of course, but just this once. Try too hard not to delay. If the amount is more than one meter, it’s a red flag: you are at risk. Probably in your blood high cholesterol high blood pressure, and you slowly but surely approach to diabetes. Visceral fat is associated with insensitivity to insulin (i.e. the body’s inability to use insulin to convert food into energy). In addition, visceral fat is the evidence of high content in the body of triglycerides, a dangerous fat that is in your blood. Excess visceral fat is also associated with an increased risk of cardiovascular disease, including heart attack and stroke.

2. Bones

The more men the stomach, the weaker they have dice — as evidenced by the results of studies at Harvard University. The study was conducted among men at the age of 34, it included the analysis of the strength of the bones of the hand and its dependence on the size of the abdomen. It turned out that the body mass index and age did not affect bone strength, but the belly fat even the effect. The more a person visceral fat, the more brittle his bones. The converse is also true: the higher the muscle mass, the bones stronger.

3. Joints and back

My knees are weak, my back hurts? Blame your utilise! The extra weight in the front of your body puts extra pressure on your back and overstraining it, resulting in pain. Even the extra pound on your belly while walking the equivalent of two overweight, judging by how the weight is putting pressure on knee joints — think about it, it’s harder for you given every step! How’s that for news? Losing some ridiculous five pounds, you halve the risk of developing arthritis of the knee joint.

4. Sex

Don’t let belly get between you and your woman! Excess weight hampers blood flow to the penis and increases the likelihood of erectile dysfunction. Big belly reduces the level of testosterone. It is produced in the testes, but is destroyed in adipose tissue — in this case inside your fat on the belly. The bigger the belly the lower the testosterone level.