4 reasons to find yourself a nice girl

Nice guy no one likes. So it happened: they live in the friend zone, they do not Shine forever, all their regrets, but no one likes. Nice guys are like toothless tigers or cats with claws torn out — a sad spectacle, which wants to turn away and immediately forget. In General, they were all clear.

And the girls? What do we know about them? Paradoxically, they also did not have success. Yes, this is about those friends, about which they say: «I can’t believe she’s not.» They look good, smell good, take care of myself, cook, care — on the basis of logic, we should dream to marry them. And we do not dream. Instead, we choose the single mothers, the strong women, knigocheem, and cute girls somehow forget.

It turns out, the men are the same is illogical as women, but nobody pays attention to it. Can choose any sort of companion, but first look at alternative ladies. Perhaps in your system of values will be a Grand coup.

Alternative 1: calculating

Work.com.ua_13.05.2014_i3iAyVWm41lIMWhy do I have to talk about it? Some dudes life as if nothing teaches. Take a look around. So many men in suits. So many unattractive men in suits. So many unattractive men in suits walk arm in arm with the women if they remove the makeup and hair extensions, more like meth junkies. Women who use men for their own benefit, should anyone be interested. Cute girls always want to pay yourself when you get the bill. Cute girls always want to pay for a ticket in the cinema or the theatre until you pougovarivat them and not convinced that it hurt you. Cute girls don’t ask for presents or paying alien cards. Is sex worth the money and stress? Can have sex with a plastic vagina — and it will have two advantages compared with the prudent female. First, it will cost you much cheaper, and secondly, it will be much more personality.

Prudent women are pure fraudsters. No better than sharps or barkers. Why invest all their money, as if besides them there are no other friends? Not worth it. Don’t date a calculating women. Don’t date those who are more impressed by your car, apartment and your Bank account than you do. If we will fall again crisis, your girlfriend disappear to the same place and all your money, and you’ll be doubly miserable.

Alternative 2: embodied paranoia

manygoodtips.com_13.05.2014_zsEWYWDBnasnZScary story, literally a nightmare. You decided to get married and chose a girl. You see that she’s not looking at you benefit, she has a sense of humor and she’s not in the clouds. Well. It’s not a bad person. However, you should put a ring on it — and she literally flips out and shows that actually suffers from paranoia. Who has not heard these horror stories about sniffing the jacket and search the pockets? Who has not heard about the quarrels over porn or men’s magazines? Who does not know the stories about the woman who can make any conversation into «you don’t love me» and «you slept with her»? And finally, everyone has a friend whose wife calls every half an hour and nobody understands why. Even he does not understand. She is.

These women are able to bring to rabies anyone. But if the «anyone» wakes up and divorces her, she immediately rush to find the next, to not be alone and feed off someone’s energy.

Alternative 3: a girl who doesn’t know how to have fun

manygoodtips.com_13.05.2014_wegzsfH7Xf69hShe does not have to be super pretty creation in mini skirt on high heels — she just needs to be fun. Never date a girl who doesn’t know how to relax. She understands sport and not even drinking beer is not the main thing. Remember the movie «the Wedding of my best friend» — the episode where the heroine Cameron Diaz couldn’t relax in the karaoke bar, and then sang a song so awful that amused everyone and thanks amused herself. The friend you need!

You need a woman who understands what it means «I’m meeting friends.» A woman who can accept the fact that you’re having fun without her. The woman you could introduce to your friends and they could talk to her, respect her and joke with her. The girl that sits in the corner, his legs and arms crossed on his chest as a sign of dissatisfaction that no one notices it, run from it. Faster.

Alternative 4 (best): girl-friend

manygoodtips.com_13.05.2014_Rb9sCD0YJsUl0The girl you spent enough time and seen her in various States. You went to University, wrote notes and had fun in the clubs. Which I poured out my heart to you and listen to you. You saw without make-up, hungover, in a stretched t-shirt. The girl-friend. Who knows you well and well you know, it’s her.

You will never bore others boring family aura. With it you will not break the roof and you don’t do anything stupid because «she’s so beautiful.» With it, you won’t have any questions «should I write?» the next morning.

Friendship above all else. You have to be sure that she keeps next to you is not just sex or habit — the two main pillars of a relationship. The girl friend sees all your dignity and humbled with all your faults. The best relationships work only on a solid basis and that you know about each other more than all the rest.