4 reasons to be proud of the hairy chest

If nature has shown to you complacent and gave your Boobs vegetation, congratulations! We do not claim that the mother bezpolezno «bambuco» under the chin, which could fit 20 pieces of the apes is the best that can be on earth. However, don’t be shy. And if you all life dreamed to have a smooth and «Mr. universe», the chest and even started to destroy for the sake of hair by wax and razors, wait! Now we will try to convince you why delicate hair pattern is better than smooth as the hips of the models, the skin over the heart.

1. It’s rude


The most brutal ever drawn comic book characters of Wolverine – was clear of hair. I think that in other characters it is not only because the artists were too lazy to draw. Always «valocordin» was considered synonymous with courage. Have you ever seen the movies or anywhere else lumberjack with a bald chest or hands? No! Remember Chuck Norris. He proudly wore on his chest «carpet» in the fight against Bruce Lee. And try to say he is not brutal! Yes, and Hugh Jackman, Alec Baldwin, Pierce Brosnan and many other great actors that have played the true-men were hairy pale. They did not shave, because he knew that his chest must show off the vegetation, not the tattoo.

Has long been known: the harder and thicker the hair, the more the guy’s testosterone and the more testosterone, the man more energetic, more courageous and so on. Banging his fist on the table – and in bed, to prove another myth about hairy – that they are much more ardent and passionate lovers.

2. What does scientists


One American psychiatrist said that the more you have hair on your body, the smarter you are. In their study, Dr. Aigarakov Alias said that hair is more common from professors and highly educated people. Moreover, they compared the evaluation is not very hairy and students. And you know what transpired? «Vologogradsky» learned better. And those who have hair growing back, so all had an extraordinary intelligence. No, we do not insist that people with a smooth chest dumber in any case, because Einstein can not be called stupid.

3. Favor


So, Bush as it used to be considered absolutely unnecessary vestige. Thus, with the invention of clothes, since we no longer jump from branch to branch and cleaning up, the hair ceased to play an important role in our lives. It is believed that with age and acclimatization of mankind has exchanged the beautiful hair on the fat. But the benefits are still there. In cold weather the hair as before help to retain heat. Yeah, not so much, and they are not as effective as the pants, in — 30. But still the hairs as best as I can. Well, and second, in hot weather when you sweat, body hair help to absorb moisture from the skin, cooling you.

In addition, the hair, the law of conservation of matter: that is, if your head sparkle with sunbeams, the arms, chest and back will be new sprouts. Against nature not trample!

4. It is women like


Recently, scientists (of course, the British) proved that women love a hairy chest. And I like where since ancient times. According to the ancient women of the era of the Trojan war, passionate lovers are the men with thick and curly body hair. In fact, how many girls, so many opinions… According to estimates, hairy are in great adoration. For some women chest hair men is like a luxurious bust for men. Besides, for some of the most discriminating ladies man with the smooth chest is associated with puberty, a teenager or an old balding man. I hope for some resemblance to a pig.

Of course, it’s all a matter of taste. Someone likes it, someone not, someone comfortable, and someone does not appreciate. Just in the era of the shaved chest needs someone to stand up for natural beauty.