4 RC model in scale 1:5


The machine is a real love and passion men throughout life. Someone collects expensive and realistic Assembly models, and someone who likes an active holiday with your hobby, and selects the machine with the remote. There is nothing infantile, moreover, these machines look quite rough. And when you see your brutal little girl perform maneuvers, the face wearing a stupid expression of happiness, comparable to the magical moment when your girlfriend told you «Yes».

Over time, even the most ardent fans of cars and we move the controller I want something new. Fortunately, there is one thing that perfectly matches the innovation and road roughness. We are talking about RC cars petrol. Outwardly, they look very seriously. Still, their scale is 1:5, which is slightly less «Oki». Refuel gasoline 95-98.

From the original beauty of this metre differs only in the presence of the remote, the other details — just a song.

There are four-wheel drive SUVs, and bugs, and sport models and rally cars and all of the stabilization system and the gasoline move. After this, even in a real car to sit like. Why? You just stand there, drive my rally car on the damp ground, she roars as its a rather big motor and a very natural appearance, in the blood, the passion, the soul happiness, and the adrenaline output.

Therefore, we propose to look at the diversity of the range and to choose your. We will not go into details, but will try to explain in simple language why these models are so good.

1. LOSI 5ive-t (5T)

Amazing model, her appearance is connected to aggression and spontaneity. But when LOSI 5ive-t (5T) out on the track, it becomes immediately clear that aggression in her at times more. This model comes fully equipped and is of excellent performance and reliability.

Inside is the engine 29 CC wheels powerful tires and a strong frame inside. This denies any problems finding places to ride: mud, quicksand, cursed stones he can handle it.

Yes, it costs a lot, but every penny is justified by the reliability, performance, and most importantly your emotions.

2. Losi Desert Buggy XL

In Losi Desert Buggy XL in addition to external attractiveness is another feature of the present air filter K&N. It’s a four-wheel-drive stud, with a rigid frame and chassis of durable aluminium, 4 mm, to withstand what it is designed for severe off-road driving.

Under the hood, gone is the engine volume of 23 cm3 and capacious fuel tank, which will provide over 40 minutes of work. Actually, however, a large number of components which are attached to it, there is no reason to believe that it may be some sort of problem.


HPI BAJA 5SC is a hostile copy of sport truck Baja 5T. Aggressive and elegant model, from which it becomes okay just because you have it. On the outside, thanks to the colouring looks quite aggressive, inside, thanks to the engine and secure components, it is just beautiful.

With such a miracle can safely participate in Short Course racing is a racing sports pickups on a specially prepared off-road course consisting of jumps for long jumps, fast straights and variety of corners. Almost like a normal track, compete, stunning valley roaring, full-sized trucks with engines over 700 HP, which, by the way, do not stop and pogranich opponent. However, repairing even the most remote places of the machine is very simple and easy. Even if the wound is very deep.

Powerful Fuelie engine Baja 5SC volume 26sm3 accelerates the model up to speeds over 70 km/h and on a single tank of regular unleaded gasoline runs more than 45 minutes. HB Rodeoo tires, chew through absolutely any soil, and we should not forget the main component controller, accurate and reliable as a Swiss watch.

4. XL-2

Legendary animal, made under the SUV, and frightening relatives the powerful petrol engine capacity of 31 cubic inches. So the «heart» of the model develops almost jet speed and full drive it does not explode on the first bump.

Machine, that is, in the tail and mane, because other colleagues LOSI XXL-2 features durability all parts. And the most surprising and at the same time something fascinating in this model, its performance and endurance are the envy and hefty edifice, which stands in your garage and claiming to be a car.

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