4 RC drone, are worth paying attention to


Radio stuff is a long — standing passion of any man. It was the ships that could run into the lake and to control them with a joystick, it’s still early — RC train or plane from which each child was crazy. All this is child’s play compared to what can offer you modern world. If you can describe our age in terms of Hobbies, radio controlled gadgets, then it is time we boldly call the era of quadcopters.

In fact, modern quadcopter is a reinterpreted classic, the invention of George Botezat, in 1922. Then he built a machine, which represented an aircraft with rotors which are rotated diagonally relative to each other, in opposite directions. Unfortunately, the invention Botezatu did not develop beyond the first prototypes, but in the XXI century it had based unmanned device that is great for aerial photography and leisure flying. Copters are highly resistant and stable flight, which allows you to hover in one place, without losing altitude and course.

1. Yuneec Q500 RTF

Our first representative of the modern quadrocopters came to us directly from the USA. The Yuneec company creates a great product, which is popular among people not only because of its quality, but also on its configuration. Full included Sam quadcopter Yuneec Q500 RTF, two sets of screws, the CGO2 camera on the gyro-stabilized gimbal, two batteries, charger with adapter for cigarette lighter socket, memory card. The camera transmits the image quality of Displays have a viewing angle of 130 degrees and is controlled from the remote (you can adjust the exposure, white balance and recording resolution). Yuneec typhoon Q500 — universal model, one of the most simple from the point of view of management in its lineup. Thus, you buy a complete kit that allows you to immediately use the gadget and not worry about missing parts or accessories you might need.

2. DJI Phantom 4

The company’s flagship DJI innovations, which today is a leader in the market of quadcopters — 4 Phantom. This model combines the unique design and impressive specifications. Its signature feature is the ability to auto-detect obstacles and fly. There are additional intelligent functions TapFly (flying with one touch), ActiveTrack (automatic following), the Smart return home (return home via the safest route). A great option for high-quality photography from the air, given the undeniable ease of use. Flight time, compared with the previous version of the model increased to 28 minutes. Maximum speed is 72 km/h and the distance of the control to 5 kilometers.


If Phantom 4 seem expensive, then pay attention to budget new 2016 XIRO XPLORER. Its advantages not only in price but also in the «smart» remote control that has buttons autovalet, of automatic putting, incorporating video and photography in flight. You can broadcast video online through a Russian-language app for smartphone, which supports both iOS and Android. You can force the drone to circle around the control panel to do a selfie in 360 degrees, and can order him to follow the controls — will fly next. Quadcopter, on top of that has 3 flight modes with different levels of difficulty.

Perhaps you have a GoPro camera. In this case, we recommend to buy XIRO with special suspension for this camera. Of course, there is always the opportunity to purchase the gimbal separately, but why pay more? Buy XIRO XPLORER, and similar drones can be in the online store quadcopters «Turboboost».

4. GHOSTDRONE 2.0 aerial

The maximum distance for connection with the drone is about a thousand meters. It is not so small given the tempting price of the gadget and innovative technological «guts». Watch can with glasses VR goggles. They allow you to stream video from the camera drone on the LCD display points, and do it in real time. Built-in sensor monitors the movement of the head up and down, changing the angle of the camera. In combination with the VR glasses you have the possibility of flight from the first person, and the drone is operated with a simple tilts and spins your smartphone is a very convenient and simple system. Faster processor, improved GPS and highly efficient engine make the flight more secure and predictable. GHOSTDRONE drone 2.0 for sale in 4 main versions: basic version; version with triaxial gimbal gimbal for a GoPro; version with the standard gimbal 4K camera; the version that is compatible with VR-glasses, which we recommend you. The drone is controlled via a mobile app EHANG PLAY.

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