4 questions that would not put the girl

things you can say to girls

Communication is the path to a healthy and long relationship. However, sometimes the knowledge when to keep shut, it is equally important to maintain harmonious relations and to kick ass. If you don’t want your girlfriend to freak out, cried, screamed and threw things at you, remember these four simple questions and for anything you can not to ask her.

1. Are you going out?

This is the safest of all of the issues about which speech will go today, and yet it will lead you to a useless and extremely painful disputes. You’re not striking her choice of clothes for the evening, but better still tell her she looks amazing. In some cases it could try already and two, and three, and sixteen outfits before settling on this. If you ask a question about her clothes, you have to reconsider the other two, three or sixteen of options before you finally leave the house. In any other case, the script might look like: «What? This make me look fat?» You know what will happen next.

2. What’s wrong with your(and)… ?

Better not go on. Whatever it is, don’t ask. Unless she’s bleeding or she accidentally grew a third ear. There are several reasons why you should not ask this question. First, if it’s something that she is aware that it would offend her feelings. Secondly, if she considers it normal and doesn’t think it’s anyone disturb you, you’ll look like a freak. Never ask about cosmetics. Only if it’s not some urgent need, keep your mouth shut.

3. How about a Threesome?

The temptation is great, but this question may offend your girlfriend. Even if she often gets drunk and kisses with their girlfriends in the club or giggling pointedly, looking at his friend when they dance too close, still don’t ask. And here’s why. She knows that you would not mind a Threesome. You’re the man. If she wants to, she says. If you ask her and she will not agree, your life will be hell. You don’t need the drama. Just wait, see, hope and hints.

4. Did you gain weight?

Oh, God, no! It’s even worse than to offer a Threesome. First of all, she probably knows what’s gained some weight. It will hurt, she will be offended. She will begin to feel unattractive, and that means no sex. Depending on her temperament, she can kick your ass. Anyway, you masturbate yourself while she can lose weight, and maybe she’ll find someone she likes and such. When you see her without her clothes on and realize that she gained weight, just shut up. If you want confirmation, ask rose her chest.

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