4 of the best online course for self-improvement

I hope no one doubts that life is a series of UPS and downs that take place on the background of the decline of the personality or its development. Every experience can be perceived from two sides: positive and negative. And each event means something in your destiny. manygoodtips.com sure life can be filled with the necessary content only when sustained and informed development of their own skills, qualities. Some of us forget that this is the most development must go over the entire life cycle, not only in school and College periods.

Self – improvement is something we should do every day. And it’s not as difficult as it seems. You just need to love the process itself and, of course, to find suitable options, which will give the result. manygoodtips.com went through a bunch of online courses that help you become better in one area or another. Fun for you, dude, to help we have compiled a list of the most productive and interesting representatives.The field we chose different, because life is very contrasting in that regard. I think that you will find in this list something for themselves.

1. Programming basics

Many humanitarians are not well versed in the «language» cyber space. Of course, we mean programming that seems pretty damn difficult, available only to the circle of the elect, technomania and freaks. But the basics can be understood by all, even if you once had trouble with math in high school. I myself didn’t think, until faced with a free course in programming, which gave the fundamental knowledge in this area: familiarity with the terms, development of algorithms, writing of simple programs, familiarity with the directions and programming languages. As a result, you get a good estimation of their capabilities. Especially useful for people who are going to do for the programmer, and related specialties. The course gives you a feel for the direction of development, to more fully experience its advantages.

Besides, the duration of this course nothing at all – 2 weeks. During this time, you get 4 classes that are convenient for working people time, that is evenings. Separately we would add that all this is absolutely free and tested tens of thousands of people.

2. Photo

There is a misconception, which is that any person who bought an SLR camera can call themselves a professional photographer. This is not so, although to call something he himself this title can. At the time, I had to undergo training on photography, that was back in College. So, I thought, the classes were fairly scarce, and teachers were not even aware of the new trends. However, once it became clear that the photograph is a very complex, yet interesting case. You can earn money on photos and get their portion of pleasure from the process, that at the present time, according to manygoodtips.com is a necessity.

Independent learning is always good. But sooner or later you realize that it is time to move to a new, more advanced level, it is better to turn to professionals. The best option will be photography courses who have already established themselves in the market with professional and experienced teachers who helped to carry out their fotoproba thousands of students. We’re talking about Fotoshkola.netteaching online the basics of photography, and more specialized topics (e.g. basics of photo-reportage or photo subject). In response to each downloaded work the teachers send a review so that students would be improved and removed, improving their photography. Training is paid, but not for the pocketbook.

If you want something energetic than classical photography training, now kicked off new year’s photo quest, which provides an innovative interaction between a novice photographer and teachers of the school. Quest is the following: they give you not just a job, and step-by-step instructions for creating a new snapshot, you do them and show to the teacher. The tasks themselves like a well written recipe: to make them quickly and easily, and turns on the output is very good. All quest participants subsequently invited to the 2nd master class, which will parse the best photos. No cost and without a gift: author of the coolest picture will get access to 120 master classes, online Schools. Inspiration for the year ahead with him guaranteed.

But I want to get a free pass to the training – follow-VK group of your favorite magazine.

3. Speed reading

Time is not only money, but also life, rest and joy. Sometimes we get sad and we are all editors, time is always short. And material has to read a lot, like most of you. After all, we live in the information age, and the seller, of course, is the information, not gold, oil or something else. And we really believe that the skills of speed reading is very important in the modern world, and own it unit, despite the fact he would facilitate everyday life.

This everyday skill, which we are sure, will is paramount within the summary very soon. Blunt over text everyone knows how to read diagonally for a couple of minutes too, but if you can read the text quickly and memorize everything it says? Anyway, I hope you understand the importance of experience and use our Board would learn it.

Interactive course on speed reading, which provides a Legent, is the best option for mastering the skill. Besides, the first three lessons are free, and the result you will see in a couple of weeks of training. Time savings are staggering. For example, if you’re reading a day at least 2 hours a week is obtained 14 hours. Quite a significant figure, isn’t it? This figure can you cut in half, that is, the same amount of information you will have to go 7 hours, which is a full working day in our country. What those 7 hours you can spend? To rest, or, my advice to you, friend!

4. SEO-promotion

Now only the lazy does not have a website. And 90% of the owners of the resource can not understand what their life is so bad that no one comes. The whole story to explain a very long time, and all this within the courses, which is now in question. SEO Online is an opportunity to gain knowledge of SEO-optimizer right at home. What will it take? Well, first off, you’ll finally get it, where on the site there are visitors, because if you have none or little, then you, dude, didn’t know. Secondly, the universal aim of the course is to make our beloved Internet a better place, free from any slag. And for this it is necessary that the owners of websites understand how to create quality and unique content, how to write meta tags to be loved not only the user, but the search engine as, in the end, to optimize their resource and go to the TOP of search engines.

It does not need a huge team of servants, which will be available to work for the good of the site. It is necessary to understand the current technology in the field of promotion. With them you can do it and raise attendance and increase sales, if you are the owner of godforsaken online store. In General, these ryabyat recommend because they’ve been doing this for a long time, they have rich experience and they are not standing still, that is the baggage of acquired knowledge will fully meet the present. In SEO everything changes very quickly, and what worked yesterday does not work today. Dudes offer three modules (external optimization, internal optimization and promotion of non-search), which are compiled in 16 detailed lessons. The training, in addition to theory, the full recommendations of specific actions that will help to increase attendance and, therefore, to replenish your ego or wallet.

By the way, «SEO» – guys are in demand on the labour market, and a good «SEOs» do remarkably well.

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