4 impact exercises that will make you hardcore

The names of the excuses that prevent you to make a beautiful press with the legendary cubes, a powerful torso, strong chest? To be honest, because you want to the shirt was worn on protruding from under his shirt, the pieces of muscle? And who does not want a quite reasonable desire to look beautiful.

In fact, a press you can do without visiting the gym. Regularly enough, until blue in the face and clouding of the mind, to perform these 4 exercises, and then your torso will be the envy of the elderly bodybuilders and those losers who have not found time. The best part — you don’t have to go to the gym, you can do it at home, but do not forget about the regimen and nutrition.

1. Lunges with dumbbells over head


How to perform: Should have 10 lunges on each leg. Then you need to try to walk as far as you can in 60 seconds.

Exercise that will allow you to feel the muscles of your buttocks heavenly bliss. Well, among other things, this is a great exercise to warm up before other more serious and exhausting, because warm up and stretch with it, from a muscle. The portion of voltage get the deep core muscles, and you get a good posture and a healthy muscular system, because the lunges with a weight lost on the body are not.

So, all you need is a dumbbell. Not too heavy and not too light, — the Golden mean. Safely grab them, lift up on straight arms over your head and start doing lunges. Try to throw the leg away and lower the pelvis as close as possible to the floor. The main difference from the usual attacks: you don’t return to original position, and continue thus to move. The main thing — a wide attack, lowered the pelvis and inflexible in the truest sense of the word hands.

2. Russian twist


How to perform: Do 15 twists per side, then rest a minute. Then another three sets with a minute break.

In the West, such twisting for some reason called «Russian». Well, another reason to become proud for the Motherland, but in the meantime sit on the floor with knees bent and heels on the ground. Take in hand a dumbbell, a pancake from a bar or any other cargo and hold it before you on bent hands. Then slightly lean back until you feel the explosive tension in the area of the torso, and raise your bent leg (to heel off the floor). The only part of the body that touches the floor should remain your fifth point. Then start to rotate the body left and right, touching the cargo floor with each twist. The main thing — not to raise the temp, do it calmly, giving its muscles to completely feel the burden of the exercise.

3. Simulator woodcutter


How to perform: Do 12 to 15 repetitions on each side. 60 seconds rest, then another 2-3 sets.

This is one of the few exercises that can use virtually all of your muscular frame. Despite its simplicity, the exercise will involve stabilizing the abdominal muscles and back, simultaneously striking the oblique and direct the abdominal muscles. So it’s not mindless simulation of the chopping, an extremely useful exercise.

Put your feet about shoulder-width apart, take a dumbbell in two hands against their thigh. Next, get into the outstretched arms at the shoulder and drop them on the diagonal to the hip. When you do this, you should slightly rotate the body, and most importantly — in any case not to bend the arm. The legs should be bent throughout the whole exercise — here they work as a kind of shock absorbers.

4. Sliding down on the floor


How to perform 12 to 15 repetitions with a break of 60 seconds. Only 3 of the approach.

Exercise that makes you work the entire front of the torso, including the shoulders, chest and quads. Besides it is very effective and simple way to achieve the desired 6 pack.

Doing it is quite simple: you simply take the emphasis lying down, put elongated straight arms shoulder width apart, and one account to pull up to chest knees bent. To another account feet again, straightened and ejected.

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