4 grill for every budget


The season comes picnics. Leaving the city gripped by traffic congestion, because we all can’t wait to leave here soon. Someone in the trunk, and someone under a canopy waiting for the old, sooty, broken corroded grill with crooked legs and fall through the bottom. Someone that enjoys the simple bricks are laid out in a rectangle. And all will throw the flames of passion in old troughs. Who sketched the old boards, some coal, abundantly filled with lighter fluid and will burn and dry your parody on skewers. All will infinitely burn, sizzle, soak in the spirit and taste of lighter fluid fire, and the meat itself will be like snowflakes, decorated with a pretty scattering of ashes and ash. Another homegrown expert will get on your nerves with endless tips about cooking meat. Everyone will pretend they like it rare and charred meat. If someone believes that this is normal, but here we would like to recommend you a decent grills on all occasions, who can do everything, only to cut the meat and marinate for not can.

Big Green Egg Medium


About «Big Green Egg» heard if not all, very much. Love it and the professionals and mere mortals. Multifunctional ceramic oven which you can even bake pies, though the steak fry, even though the kebabs.

At the time, comrades, the Americans took the omen secret development of the ancient Chinese and embody Chinese wisdom in such an exquisite performance. The feature of the «Eggs» that even after the hundredth use it will look better host. Externally – no soot, no stain. Because the guarantee he’s not 5 years, but life. Then your children will enjoy.

To prepare for the «Egg» is more economical than on a rusty iron box with compartments for skewers (in common «grill»). Of course, it all depends on the quantity and quality of the pledged coal, but on average, when using normal coal 5 hours of continuous use is enough.

To cook «the Egg», as the saying Makarevich in advertising Belarusian gas stoves, a pleasure. To make this dish, you need to have an extreme degree of curvature of hands. With the concern of the Russian stove, it gently surrounds the food with heat without drying, and evenly prozharivaya. Even summer sports goose will be softer than in a conventional oven.

After all, «Egg», despite their technical specifications, complex multi-layered insulating structure, is operated as a conventional grill, nothing complicated: open ash pit, closed, waited, and the desired temperature with mathematical precision displayed on the thermometer. But unlike all the other furnaces, this is done much faster.

KG-43 Magdeburg


Someone this device is its appearance may resemble the coal-burner. This device also works on coal, and the appearance with elements of steam-punk really makes it look like apparatus from the XIX century, but only functions he has several others that can bring foodies of all stripes to digestive ecstasy and substitute for several cooks. His name, as you might guess from the title, KG-43 Magdeburg, and under peculiar appearance hiding a grill, BBQ, cold and hot Smoking, Russian and Italian oven.

In expanded form it looks like a trade window, but it’s so easy to see all its functionality. Steel case can even be used for warming dishes and keeping them warm, and about the function of cold and hot smoked no need to even talk. Instead of bulky and uncomfortable smokehouses, failing barbecues and static ovens, you need to take exceptionally versatile machine. It is relevant in any season: in the spring before the season of vacations and picnics in the summer – as reason to gather family and friends outdoors in autumn nalovlennyh bloat the fish and make delicious grilled with vegetables, and in winter it is possible to roast a Christmas goose all sizes.

If you think that the miracle machine consumes coal as a locomotive from the movie brothers Lumio, you are deeply mistaken. To cook, smoke and heat it utterly beneficial and therefore many people buy it for big business. If suddenly you found out in some restaurant and do smoked BBQ and steaks for KG-43, rush there. This oven is never going to happen, so the producers and are not afraid to give her a lifetime warranty. On KG-43 Magdeburg overcooked seems juicy, pererabotannoe – sweet, half-baked – baked, and cold – warm. Magic and technology, that’s all.

Weber Q-1400


For those who smell of fire does not like, for those who want to enjoy food from the grill every day, not just during the may holidays, we strongly recommend you to buy an electric machine Weber Q-1400. Don’t like the dry food out of the oven? Tired of boiling in oil the pieces of hard meat? Was in my apartment and enjoy healthy food every day. It doesn’t need the butter, unless the recipe requires this method – porcelain enamel does not require any fatty layers. Boldly put into the landscape and turn on time. Cleaned amazing, as not every dish. It does not need to absolutely no effort.

Those who feel a tantrum during Assembly and disassembly of complex metal structures, we hasten to please: it is not necessary to collect. In addition, despite its compact size, it is very capacious: it can fit more patties from your bearish servings of burgers than on a baking sheet. It’s still grilled, not a sandwich.

So if you prefer to eat healthy and delicious meals every day, this device is a must, as is a knife for the butcher.

Weber Q-2200


What is a gas grill? Is salvation for everyone who believes meat is untouched by fire, a perversion, and already knows that steaks cooked on gas and charcoal grill, it is impossible to distinguish.

So comrades we highly recommend purchasing the Weber Q-2200. Fill a five-liter gas cylinder, turn on and roast your health. No dirty bags of coal, no taste from the lighter fluid, no need to search the net to connect, just took it, pressed the button and roast yourself a delicious steak. Then turned it off.

You ask me how profitable it is to cook on the gas grill? The 5 litre tank is enough to continuously cook for 10 hours. And how to cook delicious. Though compact, below the large cover will fit even a leg of lamb or a big Turkey, you can bake. You can fry the fish on a cedar plank and even prepare a fruit dessert to serve it with ice cream. Thanks to the patented, cast body temperature and even heat distribution all fried and baked through evenly.

Do not confuse the pre-war grill with a gas hob that you have at home. Here everything is much better. I personally know people who even Tom Yam cooking on the gas grill, it’s so gorgeous and comfortable. So find him a place in the trunk of his car because as a wife you can leave, but the Weber Q-2200 – no. Are you going to take it with him always, because it is convenient.

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