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There are times when the dumplings are stuffed on edge, and the soul asks for something exquisite. And what could be more refined French cuisine? Italian! But we will not find out whose dumplings are sweeter, and turn to the lovers of frogs legs.

The French have long understood that any cutlet bread you can make a culinary masterpiece if you add the sauce. Fortunately, the sauce has a lot of money not necessary, only time and inspiration. A French dip isn’t a bottle of soy is bad, this is a true masterpiece, tender and tasty. In the end, the taste buds will thank you for giving them a gastronomic orgasm.

1. Bechamel

manygoodtips.com_28.05.2015_6PIUk2EurF7fnBéchamel is the quintessential French cuisine, you might say, its informal leader, person and just a very tasty dish. The brainchild of Haute cuisine of the 17th century, it in turn serves as the basis for various sauces and used in the preparation of such delicious things as souffle, lasagna and… Yes really list them all! After all, the French cuisine has no end nor edge! In fact, this white bone all over the kitchen, because in the old days, afford to cook fresh milk could only rich people. Do you know the basic function of the old sauces? They are primarily disguised dishes with «flavor». Got corrupted? Rotted? No? The sauce will go! With refrigerators in southern Europe was difficult, so the chefs tried as hard as he could to save meat, poultry or seafood. Well, among other things, it’s delicious.

Ways of cooking this sauce a lot, but we’ve taken the classic.


– wheat flour;

– butter;

– a bit of salt;

– nutmeg;



1. Heat the milk but do not bring to a boil.

2. Melt the butter (not in the same saucepan where you heated the milk!).

3. Add in the melted butter the flour.

4. Quickly before frozen, stir everything into a homogeneous mass.

5. Slowly, carefully, without removing the oil-flour solution with fire, without nerves pour the resulting liquid milk. Do not rush, otherwise formed nasty lumps. Pour literally a tablespoon.

6. Once poured the milk, look at the sauce consistency. If a homogeneous – congratulations! You literally French chef! If not, wipe through a sieve, of course, if you have a problem with lumps.

7. Do with sauce as they want. Can add mushrooms, nuts, capers, tomatoes – anything.

8. Fill the dish.

9. Enjoy its splendor and delicate flavor!

2. Say

manygoodtips.com_28.05.2015_4DfzyH63wgRO8Veloute is a small culinary masterpiece created by the legendary French chef Marie-Antoine Karem (not to be confused with the cream) chef of kings, emperors and illustrious Rothschild family. Despite the rude ingredients, you get a delicate dish worthy of the gods, or at least place in Paradise.

Like any decent French dip, it can serve as a basis for other dishes. For example, soup. But we will show how to prepare to prepare the background, the so-called white sauce. It is served as a separate sauce for fish, meat, seafood or poultry, and used for preparing other sauces as base (About Munger, Tomato rose sauce, Citrus, and more. etc.).


– meat broth – 1 l;

– butter – 150 g;

– onions – 50 g;

– flour – 100 g.


1. Grind the onion and send it to passerovannye in boiling oil.

2. In the bubbling muck add the flour.

3. And here’s the hard part: you need to brown unappetizing mixture to simmer so that the flour had a crumbly consistency and not stained. To do this, vigorously stir the contents of the pan.

4. Ostoji mixture (I blow on it the fan).

5. Once cooled, pour the boiling broth into the mixture (you understand, the broth boil) and thoroughly stir to obtain a homogeneous mass without lumps. Have to stir frequently to becoming a sophisticated mixture is not burnt. Well, it is desirable to remove the foam appears treacherous.

The most important question and at the same time a matter of dispute how much to cook. In fact, enough for 10-15 minutes at a minimum hell hell to flour, butter and broth became homogeneous. But the higher class is considered an hour. The fact is, the longer cooked, the more transparent it becomes a delicious slush.

6. The sauce is ready to strain.

3. Can be

manygoodtips.com_28.05.2015_eNDfN44fm3cd5The sauce can be, despite its name, is the most that neither is a French sauce. Maybe aesthetes reddish-brown liquid in the saucepan and remind drusno, but real foodies fall in awe, when I remember his bright flavor. Largely because of this strong flavour fairly limited range of dishes, which can be combined. Often it is used to create the Gare de Lyon, Bordelaise, Sauce Madeira, Mushroom and other sauces. But trust me, pasta is perfect. It will take a little more ingredients, but cooking it is not difficult.


– wheat flour – 50g;

– butter – 50 g;

– tomato paste – 25g;

– meat broth – 1 l;

– mashed vegetables – 250 g (carrot, onion, celery).

Some recommend to cook meat to the broth in the oven. Then he will have a more bright, rich and original taste.


1. Warm the oil in a heavy-bottomed pot and add the flour.

2. Carefully mixing, bringing the mass to a pronounced brown color, then cool.

3. Mix the obtained brown liquid with tomato paste and beef broth and gradually a hell of a mix, bring to boil.

4. Add the browned vegetables and make sure the mixture is reminiscent of a dish of fine French cuisine. Well, now the hard part: cook the mixture up to 30 minutes, removing the scum as needed.

5. Old filter the sauce and serve.

4. Dutch

Hold.kom.ua_28.05.2015_PpYDl9ge64zTUAgain almanacka. The home sauce is not Holland, and the old France. In the Netherlands, this sauce can be found only in French restaurants, it is never cooked. The fact that the Franks was very good with imagination, so the name was associated, rather, with the representation of the French about what eat their geographic neighbors than with real gastronomic situation.

This is the most expensive of all the sauces, but nevertheless its amazing taste elevates to another level of being, being your guide through the endless trails of gastronomic bliss. And cook it – simple.


– egg yolks – 3 PCs.;

– butter — 100 g;

– juice of half a lemon (25-30 ml);

– pinch of Cayenne pepper;

– salt, freshly ground white pepper.


1. Mix in the tank or blender 3 egg yolks, add a pinch of salt and 1 tablespoon of lemon juice.

2. Half package of butter to melt in a separate container.

3. Start whisking the egg yolks and gradually pour melted butter. As soon as the sauce becomes thick, like grandma’s jelly, cooling.

There are a couple of nuances associated with these whimsical dish. For example, if the temperature is too high or you’ll beat evenly enough, the sauce can «curl up». Small problem: add 1 or 2 ice cubes and blend until the ice is melted. Ice needs to «fix» the sauce.

Second caveat: ideally, the initial mixture of egg yolks, salt and juice should stand in a water bath. But without it you can cook.

And the third thing – the sauce is prepared with proteins. Just without them, the likelihood is that when heating the sauce will be reduced to the minimum. If too lazy to mess about in the egg, trying to separate one from the other slime, drop it completely. But we warned you.

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