4 extreme entertainment, which will produce all the adrenaline

Summer is gone, and for many these words sound like a signal to end active extreme relaxation. Complete nonsense, but what about skiing, and how kruglosutochnye ways to vychladnout a bucket of adrenaline? Here some of them will tell you more.


Divers are a special caste of people that can be compared only to that of the climbers. Just the fact that those and others it is clear that from the plain or of the hill will not see.

Voluntary ikhtiandry (aka the divers) dive into the abyss in order to enjoy the magical colours of coral reefs, to touch the living nature, like fish, in the «mermaid», Mr. Krasa, spongebob and Patrick feel overgrown shells aboard the sunken ships in the hope of finding more not to seize the treasure, and to know themselves at a great depth from all sides envelops the body of water. What a thrill to swim over the black-and-turquoise darkness of the deep sea and experience this freedom. Diving is always freedom, so the Mumu called a diver is not very short and it was an involuntary swim.

However, diving is also a risk. There are low, but the probability that in the tank there is a fault, which will leave the diver without air. Although this is not as common as human stupidity: when the adventurer goes down to 60 meters and falls victim to nitrogen narcosis with subsequent inability to come out in the form of a living person. Or too abruptly POPs up, risking the bends.

Many subtleties, so you can dive only after coaching from experienced professionals with proven equipment, not some tanned Amateurs in Egypt.Whether it is a matter of money spent and the risk? Definitely worth it, because there is a chance to escape from a smelly wheel of samsara — from everyday life and go someplace where the water is teeming with interesting things. This, among other things, a new feel, beauty that are not found on land. The depths of the sea after all, not researched, and touch at least one of the mysteries is a great honor. Compared to other extreme sports, diving an easy and safe activity, it’s not a sport, it’s relaxation. But a big problem you can get! Therefore we need good training, knowledge of theory and the acquisition of special skills.

Bungee jumping

In ancient times, many peoples had a kind of stages of initiation and enlightenment, steadily associated with the risk. In some small Nations, living in primitive communities, they remained still. For example, you need to walk barefoot on hot coals, or to take part in this fun exercise as self-flagellation with whips. And many Pacific peoples have a tradition to tie your legs with a vine to climb on a special high tower and just jump down. In this case, it is hoped that the rope is not torn and that it was fixed to the other end of the tower.

After years of this ritual rose after the long jump from the tower, shook off the dust and went to prance in the cities and villages, gaining popularity. Now it’s called bungee jumping, and you have to pay money. For what? And just for the opportunity to experience and test yourself to see whether you have balls, not touching either hand to his pocket. Jump from platform straight down, 70-foot chasm, with a whirlwind of emotions and through your fear.For many it is a chance to overcome themselves, their fears and doubts, because when you are rushing head down, tied with a rope, with no guarantee that everything goes smoothly, the brain works differently. Kind of a cleansing palette of emotions that even sex will not give — that’s what it is.

Flying a plane

Aviation is a delicate matter, which does not tolerate cowards, idiots, and people with two left feet. Only the best become pilots, others are restricted to cars with envy and look up to where there’s no traffic.

Even flying on an airplane for civil aviation — that’s interesting, but a flight on a small, lightweight glider or plane — is another matter. Just imagine you two in the cockpit: the pilot, the pros and you, you fly a small airplane, which, as it seems, when the wind will fly away in an unknown direction. Beneath you the majestic and the gray expanses of the homeland, a web of roads, lots of forest, shrouded in the smog of the city. In your hands just a little twitch of the steering wheel, around you lots of different buttons and indicators on the dashboard, and you is a feeling of the greatness of the moment and fear to pull something that it is not necessary to pull.

To describe the feeling of touching the helm of the running of the aircraft impossible. Once all emotions, from delight to fear, Wake up you begin to embrace and enjoy each other, and you sit in the cockpit, shaking from nervousness, look at mortal earth and understand that the world became for you slightly different.

The plane is a magical thing that makes distant relatives, big and small. But most importantly, air force knocks out the human crap. It’s something close to heaven, the extremity of the process — who knows. But if you don’t want to get a pilot license and a sightseeing tour seems insufficient, then choose a trial lesson flying. Here the full range of emotions.

Quad Biking

Love the «Formula 1» does not subside, even after not the best performance of our riders. Well, men love cars, even when they are guys in hard hats and crawling there. It’s even better. Perhaps that is why every city has a go-kart track — a way to compensate for that evil offense for the fate that gave you to be Ayrton Senna.

But kart is quite difficult to get enough. Yes, we need to analyze the situation and know when to turn, but to go on a flat road not so fun. Much more entertaining to ride on uneven surfaces, slap a helmet with mud, and the wheels fallen leaves. This, of course, about riding ATVs. On rough terrain, of course.

This trip will give you the opportunity to feel like the hero of a gripping Thriller. Overcoming the winding road, nestled in the woods and fields — a challenge for real adventurers! And around nature, birds are singing, and under such accompaniment even to fall off the ATV or Quad bike is not scary. This experienced beast is not afraid of anything and at the same time get acquainted with the beauties, which are close at hand. They’re here for your town.

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