4 example of the legendary returns

In the beginning of the week all sports, and indifferent to other people’s tragedies the world was shaken by the news of the terrible plane crash, on Board of which was the Brazilian team, «Epicoene». The children flew for the final match of South American Cup, worrying only about the game itself.

Before departure they posted in instagram video, is welcomed by his partner with the imminent birth of a child, and now the whole world is watching the state of health of the sole survivor players. One of them might be paralyzed for life, and another had a leg amputated. To live with these terrible injuries, and to return to the sport after such injuries is hard psychologically. But all is not lost, that proved the athletes. They were able to defeat serious illnesses to cope with injuries, psychological injuries and win medals.

1. Bobby Charlton

manygoodtips.com_1.12.2016_zos7bq89we5SvWith 50 years of the best form of transport for the players was the airplane. Flew from end to end without the edge, making football more and more popular. However, flying too far, the aircraft could not, had to stop for refueling. And who knows what would happen to the football team «Manchester United» in 1958 if their plane was able without refueling to fly to Manchester from Belgrade.

In that ill-fated day as if everything were warned pilots that it is better to postpone the flight. The plane could fly three times, the previous attempts were marred by strange figures and a static filled sound. And then there’s like the evil in Munich snowfall intensified. But the pilots decided on one last attempt.

Liner swept to the end of the runway, making an attempt to take off, and then the pilots lost control. The plane rammed the fence of the airport and about 300 metres from the end of the runway crashed into a house in which lived a family of six. From impact, the aircraft came off the left wing and part of the tail, then the left part of the cockpit hit a tree. To starboard, the plane crashed into wooden shed, in which stood the truck with fuel, which exploded. 21 people died on the spot.

Among the victims was the legendary footballer Bobby Charlton, who was thrown out of the cockpit. When the goalkeeper Manchester United Harry Gregg (who had somehow managed to escape from the plane unharmed, after which he had himself started to rescue the survivors) discovered it, I thought Charlton was dead. He grabbed Charlton for the belt and dragged him away from the plane, fearing explosion. Bobby received a head injury, severe traumatic shock and spent a week in the hospital. His teammates, including a player with whom he switched places shortly before departure, was lost. The team was drained of blood.

But Charlton found the strength to get back on the field and play for myself and for those guys. Young Charlton won the 1966 world Cup and the Champions League, became a national hero in England and a kind of football a symbol of the country. He almost single-handedly lugging bloodless «United». So if someone from players «Epicoene» will be able to play football, they have to take one example.

2. Lance Armstrong

Porada.kom.ua_1.12.2016_Tb5jmvla7TUnlThe name lance Armstrong, you know, even those who ride a Bicycle can not. And it is, oddly enough, not in a huge number of titles (in the end, some of them were undeserved, as it turned out), and in his famous victory over one almost incurable disease. And lens managed to not just defeat the disease, but also a triumphant return to the sport.

Early career, Armstrong was no less triumphant than the return. At the age of 22 he was already a world champion in road Cycling. In addition to this were added the title of the most promising cyclist in the world (had already begun to say that in the world there is the greatest racer in history), multi-million dollar contracts and increased attention. It seemed this would continue forever: lance will confirm the hopes placed in him, and the endorsements — to multiply, and the number of medals over time is going to outweigh the athlete down.

But everything changed when at age 25, Armstrong was diagnosed with cancer of the testicles — the disease is inconvenient, uncomfortable, hard on the ego, and, worst of all, deadly. In addition, doctors gave lance is not optimistic predictions, because until it’s spread throughout the body of the cyclist. They were found in the abdominal cavity and the lungs and even the brain. Usually after this, even the most trained, the body burns a paraffin candle. But Armstrong was something lacking in many inhabitants of the planet — a fierce love for life and a will of steel.

No need to think he was immature athlete, and his plump brain does not understand such things. He just took himself in hand and courageously overcame a bleak treatment. He went through several surgeries, courses of chemotherapy and, to the surprise of many, won the running disease. Of course, with his money and opportunities, Armstrong was more than other patients. But in any treatment of 50% of recovery depends on human mood and nature. This lance was not a problem.

There were those who were not surprised the triumphant return of Armstrong, saying that the body was young, and he tried to return after 30. But among them there was not one who beat cancer, so don’t know what they said.

The operations themselves are really negative memories I have left, but the chemo… That’s the worst thing that I had to endure. When after each session, your stomach turns, then starts to peel the skin, hair falls out, you’re only thinking about how to sleep and not Wake up.Racer back in 1998 with the US Postal team. The whole world rejoiced, children and adults were inspired by the victory over the disease, which annually is ravaging millions of people. It gave me hope.

In addition, a healthy athlete showed great results — he won the «Tour de France» seven times in a row! Actually, it began a marathon champion lance Armstrong. His authority in the team was unquestioned, and often the user was going on about him, fulfilling the whims of the champion. For example, Armstrong ordered to take the command of a doctor who encouraged him doping, and demanded to change the Director of the team.

But God bless him, the Director, the main conversation was dope. Armstrong accused in his hand for almost the entire career. First, it is awkward to blame the person who survived such horrors. But then, when to see the face of the rider on all pedestals many became unbearable, the accusations intensified. And he denied and denied, until in 2012 he was not tortured conscience, and he confessed to his crimes. However, it was after the end of your career.

As a result of his deprived of all the awards won after the return. So in oblivion off seven titles of the winner «Tour de France», as well as a bronze medal at the Olympics in Sydney. In total, Armstrong was accused of violating the five anti-doping rules, including the use of prohibited substances (erythropoietin), blood transfusions, testosterone, corticosteroids and masking agents.

Of course, Armstrong was forced to confess, and it is unlikely he would have done without the revelations of the special Commission. But, hell, a man won a serious form of cancer, and experts say that without doping, its performance would still be quite high.

3. Eric Abidal

manygoodtips.com_1.12.2016_7zfG2euUdz6FQIs it possible to return to the sport, if you have had cancer twice in two years? Definitely, and Eric Abidal — proof. Twice one of the best football defenders of the last decade was able to overcome this damn disease and to show that character and will power will overcome all.

Not going to list all the trophies Eric: here the Championships of Spain, France, Greece and victory in the Champions League. And while Eric was a team player, which is much more revealing — it’s not some kind of bench polisher, which is only happy for their partners, this is a real farmer, who played from whistle to whistle.

But in 2009 he began to have serious health problems. Then he was diagnosed with swine flu. Treatment and recovery to Abidal took several months. Eric came back, and the fans, tired of the holes in the defense, glad to see the return of your pet. But this was only the beginning. In 2011, the Abidal was diagnosed with liver cancer. The body is recovered, but this is not without consequences remained. At the time, according to the player, he was able to realize a significant and key things in life. Eric bravely said goodbye to many of his material achievements and hundreds of thousands of dollars transferred to the accounts of charitable companies.

When you have a problem like I had, your cars for you to anything. So I sold them and sent the money to fight the disease in a number of associations with whom we make contact.But not revealing it. Having gone through the surgery and recovery, Abidal returned to the field just in time for the Champions League final. And that is important — he played from the first to the last minute. It was then that «Barcelona» defeated «Manchester United» and took the title. The real hero of the match was still Abidal, not Leo Messi.

But if you get bad luck it is not luck out. When the athlete decided that he had left the disease in the far pages of its history, she reminded herself. In 2012, the player required a liver transplant, because there is again formed a bad tumor. But if you don’t give up and continue to fight, the fate will leave you alone with your checks for strength. Abidal did not give up hope and calmly accepted the challenge.

The disease changed my life, changed my views. Football allows high-quality to live, to go shopping. But when something bad happens it can’t compare it to Abidal survived liver transplant. For a second liver transplant — this is not as easy as it seems. Not work just take and transplant, she has yet to settle down. And all these twists and turns, Eric had enough strength and patience. Moreover, the big guy decided that the two malignant tumor in the liver is not a reason to say goodbye to football, and even if inside you someone else’s liver, you can still play on the same level.

In the winter of 2013 Abidal resumed training in the «Barcelona» and on April 6, 2013 showed excellent results in the match against Mallorca. In 2014, Eric ended his career, cementing the defense of Olympiacos and continuing to participate in the matches of the national team of France. Graduated at the age of 35 years old — at that age, which ends the majority of players, who have borne so many trials.

Leaving the field at number 22, Abidal said: «My number shows how many times I was sick with cancer and how many times I won.»

4. Alessandro Zanardi

manygoodtips.com_1.12.2016_ZmZy8v4YAsdrQThe name of this rider in last years, is mentioned less and less, but in vain. His example clearly shows that for a person without limbs, a great sport does not end there.

So, from the point of view of the achievements of Zanardi’s career is not particularly remarkable. He tried his hand in the «Formula 1», but without much success, scoring just one point. More fruitful was his interim performances in the American series CART, where he quickly gained popularity and began to win titles. Having a dozen victories, Alex twice — in 1997 and 1998 — became the champion at the end of the season. By the way, he then came up with an unusual way to celebrate the success, forcing his car to spin like a top and draw tires on asphalt black circles, called «donuts». Then the trick was to repeat many of his colleagues did not bother to ask permission to use the toilets.

And everything seemed so perfect: Zanardi found himself, found his country and his series, became recognizable and popular, but the 15 September 2001 on the track in Germany, Zanardi was nearly killed: coming from Boxing, he collided with a car racer Alex Taliani rushing at a speed in excess of 330 km/h. the Car Zanardi shattered into small pieces. All the witnesses of the disaster was thought that the body of Alessandro scattered along with the remains of the car. But he was relatively lucky: he lost a lot of blood and miraculously survived at the cost of the amputation of both legs.

And Zanardi, who had previously distinguished himself by love for life and a great sense of humor, did not lose heart. In many interviews he sneered at his condition, especially after constructed your dentures. Those that drove the medical industry did not suit him. In 2003 he sat down again and drove the remaining to the finish line 12 laps «Lausitzring» on the car with manual control. And in 2005 won the first victory after his return — all in the same car with manual control. Continuing to compete in motor racing and to this day, Alex tries his hand at other sports. So, in the famous new York marathon in 2007 it took the fourth place among persons with disabilities.

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