4-defense from the coach of JIU-jitsu

manygoodtips.com_14.10.2016_wjAYeoX07VmjpGreat and unique Bruce Lee once said, «I’m not afraid of who is studying 10 thousand different beats. I’m afraid of the one who studies one kick 10 thousand times.» Each of us sooner or later think about the fact whether he will be able to fight back in case of a collision. And this naturally leads us to seek advice from different «masters» who offer their methods and techniques. As you understand, this is not the right way to sprayed among this diversity so nothing really not to learn. And if the build fails, the majority of these techniques really will be absolutely useless.In 1914, a popular Japanese judo master Mitsuo Maeda arrived in Brazil, where he taught martial arts of the son of his friend, and he began distributing it among his comrades. Very soon the Newspapers heard about the new craze of Brazilian and trumpeted all around on the growing popularity of «JIU-jitsu» — so they altered it «judo». By the end of XX century, Brazilian JIU-jitsu has become a real cultural phenomenon, due to the fact that came to fight with opponents superior to you in strength and size. Now among his disciples celebrities such as Jason Statham, Nicolas cage, Mel Gibson, guy Ritchie, Milla Jovovich and, of course, Chuck Norris. A full demonstration of this martial art can be seen in the performance of the immortal Keanu Reeves in his perhaps best film «John Wick».


But if you don’t have time or money for courses, and the local drunks too nerve-wracking, we are ready to tell you about the key points of Brazilian JIU-jitsu (BJJ), and will help us in this coach ZALEEV FIGHT TEAM George Saleev. For 6 years he is preparing everyone for the harsh street life, while managing every year to win different tournaments. Among his techniques besides you can learn BJJ MMA, combat Sambo and grappling.

Tip 1: always see the enemy

Maybe with time you will become adept Jedi tactics and be able to fight with his eyes closed, but now you better watch out and keep the enemy in sight. Even better if he himself can’t see you, so you’re behind him and can do with it what you want. Don’t need eye contact in the style of «here I am, come on, hit!» or to find out where he’s going to hit. See entirely on his body and be ready to parry, because the body language of the enemy tells us much more than his eyes. And you’d better still go back where his «language» will be numb and will not be able to answer.

Tip 2: keep your distance

Stop.com.ua_14.10.2016_oeGTbGrjJhlzIThis is very important because it allows you to keep your enemy in full view and gives more time to hit the shot. In any match never starts fights when someone is kept from the very beginning between athletes there is a certain distance, and his need to adhere to (and tactics). In fact this is the psychological moment when some stranger comes into your personal zone, the brain immediately reacts and makes aggressive or to strike this intruder, or to move away. In your case (because we believe that you have not Baffle any) should choose the second option and continue to study the enemy, waiting for the moment for the deadly attack. In fact, the most reasonable distance, arm’s length plus 10-15 cm..

Tip 3: to prevent the capture of

If this is your first battle, then almost certainly you will grab the opponent, if his aggression is off the charts, I will try first thing to grab your arm, twist it and put you in an awkward and very painful condition. Your task — to prevent this! Here carefully — forget about the retreat, because this is your chance to take advantage. Don’t be afraid of this enemy hands, better catch it myself and try to twist in the direction of the thumb of the enemy. But if you took the right hand over the left hand, then you need to make your arm so that your elbow was out, and the brush in the beginning of the movement would go just to the side of the thumb of the enemy, and then slightly upwards. The thumb is the weakest.

Tip 4: to strangle the enemy

For the sake of.com.ua_14.10.2016_SsLasg2E2HoKVOutset — not to suffocate, and strangle, that is to deprive him of the ability to breathe down to a shorter loss of consciousness. If you managed to duck under his arm during a wide swing, the first and the last thing you need to grab it with one hand on the neck and another to take himself by the right hand, to get a strong lock close to your head. Further — it is easy. Just put your head in the shoulder of the opponent and take the elbows together and down. It doesn’t take long (about 10-15 seconds) the victim will flounder, finally becoming helpless. Look at «Lethal weapon» or even «Oblivion» — it very clearly shows the intake «triangle».

It is important not to overdo it, after having kept the enemy in this position, the extra 20-30 seconds you’re likely to be a little killer. Death due to asphyxia — the thing is incredibly light and use it against other people you forgive if only this man was almost hacked to death your girlfriend in the deep woods and no witnesses. Again: 10-15 seconds of capture will be enough to give himself time to escape while your enemy is, coming to himself. Can kick goodbye.

I hope that these tips will help you to escape from bullies, at least from one. And if you want to fight back the gang a little more, you should start to do a martial art more seriously.

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